Lúcio (Overwatch) | Wood Light Deck | Paris Trucks | Alien 4260 300kv | Custom Mount | 6s | VESC

Hello Guys, Finally after 10 months of researching and waiting shipping my Skate went also ready to run. I think the most difficult part of it was to know what parts to buy in the beginning, also why I just know GreatScott in that time. After some days I found @VladPomogaev and his tutorial that helped me a lot, Thanks Man. First I bought another skate, I wanted to use a Supermarket one but it was really bad. So after the Longboard I bought the Pulleys (36/16) but I bought it made out of steel, so it is really heavy and difficult to work on the lathe. After I bought just the motor (300kv 42mm,Aps), I know that 42mm is small, I made this mistake And I wanna know if it is going to Work. After It I needed to buy the batteries, but Brazil have some laws about shipping Lipos and I could not buy 6s packs at HobbyKing (I think I can now) so I bought at Alien, but I bought Vesc too, Maytech one and bought the 2.4ghz remote that first I would like to do with a Nunchuck and Arduino but I study all the day and I think it was difficult to do. After I paid everything I forgot that I need something to turn my board off, so I bought alien power switch and Bruno from Alien put it in my order too, Thanks Bruno, you’re nice. About the motor mount, I think I was going to use Aluminum and a Cnc, but I used a Bicicle Stem with a Iron Plate and went to Renato (Guy at the lathe shop) to do the holes and everything. Now I’m waiting for my Bms and my Charger that I think will arrive this week. Oh, I forgot that my Dad helped me a lot so, Thanks Dad :smiley:.

Looks good so far! Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

Looks awesome! Glad I could inspire someone. Keep it up!

Here is a Video of the building with the enclousure (Normal Tupperware)

Mine BMS don’t arrived so I bought a IMAX B6 and I’ll do the VGA trick

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Hello guys, I noticed some mistakes in my build, first was that Imax b6, It was overcharging a cell and than I returned to the seller and will buy a Bms! Other one is that I change to kegels

But I need to make new holes in the pulleys, this build is driving me crazy!

Other upgrade is on the motor mount, on the other one the Iron Plate Bended and now I will do a plate on a Plasma Cnc and it will be more professional, but I want to do a all new mount from zero, but the guy at the Cnc said that the Normal Aluminum wouldn’t not work for a motor mount, he said that is it a Pan Aluminium, so I’m a bit afraid, can you answer me?

the New plate is very thicker

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New update. First I want to talk seriously about wiring a BMS, I tought it was easy, but it is pretty hard because the Alien’s Bms is not as the Bestech one. So I will use another Imax B6.

New Pulley

Remember that I said that my pulley was made out of steel? That pulley was pretty wobble, so I made a design of a Kegel XL pulley and printed with PETG, here is a picture

It works pretty well, just missing one bolt, but I saved 1kg just changing the pulley.

Motor Mount

Another problem that was giving me headaches was the Motor Mount, the one that I couldn’t do my self, so I bought one from Alien.

But Bruno missed the clamping ring and I will 3d print one now.

Also I made a new enclosure out of aluminum, and It works pretty well and I’ve put tape in it to avoid shorts Hehe

New Shape and Cables Guide

I ordered from a Brazilian company that sells to USA too a new shape, just want to share it

and I printed @mmaner’s Cables Guide and will retire the velcro