Lycaon scrapboard

Hello all, I walk with a cane and deal worh a lot of joint pain so when i started going to colledge i decided to build a scrap board to help me get around my colledge easier and ive quickly fallen in love with the thing. I made it out of a broken lycaon gr I bought off my friend whos been building these for a while. I’ve been slowly trying to upgrade it and modyfying it to fit my needs. I fell and the screen on my remote died and ive been working good without it but id really like to be able to see my battery and error codes. Also dont wanna rely on finding replacmeents from a dead company. Ive reaearched the esc to see if it was compatible with the freesk8 Remote app but from all i’ve seen it’s a hobbywing 10s off aliexpress which comes with propriatary firmware. The whole thing is covered in some waterproof epoxy. So I try to connect to it wirelessly with the hw link app But I haven’t really gotten anywhere with it. Is it worth trying to continue with this esc or shoild i find another one. Also any other advice is super welcome, ive been fixing stuff most my life but this is completely new territory.

Some planned upgrades are a quick swap mount for the battery using hitch clips along worh reinforcing the battery shell cause the battery is mounted upside down and is not haply abt it.