Macs' First Build

Slowly but surely getting parts for my first build. I still have a bunch of parts ordered but have yet to receive… Duct tape will do for now…

  • Trucks - Ebay, i think these are caliber trucks?
  • Mounts - Donated from a friend. works on caliber trucks
  • Enclosure/batts - facebook marketplace, got it really cheap.
  • Vesc - hglrc from aliexpress
  • Motor - torqueboards, facebook marketplace
  • Pulleys - came free with the motor.
  • Wheels & bearings - abec 11s, off ebay
  • Duct tape/screws - Ace hardware

More to come soon!

Love the idea of the Boosted battery, using the original batteries or replaced them?

A Boosted battery? Very unusual choice, i thought they were proprietary to their own ESC? Or did you remove all of it and use your own.

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Very interested to know if this works out!! Pad up and wears a helmet

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how did you get the boosted battery to work with the ESC?