MAD Fury. MAD hubs Direct Drive conversion

Hi! Finnaly I finish my first DD coversion. I used the MAD hubs. That has been the idea behind since the beginning of the group buy… Now only time will tell if they are gonna last. I designed to be reversable so in case I can come back to the original configuration.

Mad Fury 75Kv

The origin and designing IMG-20190124-WA0007 IMG-20180914-WA0001 IMG-20180924-WA0003 IMG-20180916-WA0000 IMG-20180914-WA0003

The production

IMG-20181002-WA0001 IMG-20190118-WA0002 IMG-20190120-WA0003 IMG-20190120-WA0004 IMG-20190121-WA0005

Coming together…

IMG_20190207_001116 IMG_20190207_004812 IMG_20190207_001146 IMG_20190206_010908 IMG_20190206_233031 IMG_20190207_001208 IMG_20190207_001233 IMG_20190207_001247 IMG_20190207_001340

Now need to wait for a day where is not raining to be able to test it. Ciao :smile:


Awesome man. I can’t wait to hear how it rides in comparison to the hubs.

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We’ll see it :laughing: Your end nut is on the way :wink:

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I assume this design is modular? Meaning you could switch to different size tires w flywheel core, correct?



To totally correct. I need to stay above 97mm for clearance due to the side of the motors, but for the rest you can switch wheel styles

Where do I sign up? Haha

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Ahahaha well then you have to see the second DD I am going to make it. Already designed but this time is from scratch. Simpler, but should be really strong :grin: if I can make it and pair it with the BullyDeck (integrated enclosure) I am making too then it would be suck a sick build… Looking forward.

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I can’t wait. I was planning on getting the hummie hubs but I don’t think he’s taking anymore orders. He’s trying to catch up w his backlogs.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

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Well Hummies hubs are really good. I don’t want compare it with what I am doing. This ones is like a private mods I made to try out DD in my style. Funny story the only thing I am missing are the speed rings :joy: I ordered 1 month ago but still didn’t get it… I could make it on the lathe but too much work for a washer.

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Duuuuude! This is awesome. Do let us know how it works!

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Yep I will, when I get the speed rings :sweat_smile: and the weather allows it

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Great work. Won’t it have the same problems as metasurf drive with thin axle?

well metasurf has a 8mm axle longer an for all the truck length. I cut the 8mm part to like 5 cm (see picture) and then made an axle extention screwed on it to reach 12mm for all the truck except 15mm where the motor can is in contact with the axle. So basically is a 12mm axle along the all length. I wanted to be a conversion kit, that way this solution. Otherwise I would drill the motor and make it all the way 12mm. Plus the motor support it self since was design as hub motor. SO I basically use is structure and brought it closer to the center. Of course, only real test will tell us.

Capturegfgfg I know this drawing is amazing :rofl:


Love your Picasso


Looks like it’s done really well.

I really like your diy work especially since you started with a cheap china board and now you’re machining your own direct drives.

Looking forward to your first test run with telemetry.

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Thanks man, appreciate. yeh and I am still using the meepo hubs, really fun too. Then I got addicted to diy and spent time in learn machining more than making esk8. Now time to make real my designs :smile:

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It does spin, that nice! I hope the weather allows to try it out this weekend.


Went for a short ride to cut my hair… Little spam never reached there :sweat_smile:

Riding feeling way better with 4 full wheels and 97mm. The motors ride super smooth. But thst I already know since I have tried the MAD hubs as hub motors before. Set in FOC sensored. Really silent. The power is there. Initial torque less then the Meepo style hub motor since they are 90mm and 65Kv but still great torque. Compare to the 130Kv is like almost double. Speed in insane. Reached 45kmh but like immidiately, and you feel thst there is a lot left. In bench it reaches 60kmh. So I guess 54-56kmh possible. vescmonitor IMG_20190209_132711

All nice but then all of the sudden the board stopped and throwed me off. Fxxk! Smelled burn pcb :disappointed_relieved: Mall grubed back to home (3 km) and found this

IMG_20190209_141256 IMG_20190209_141302 IMG_20190209_141004

Not sure whether is the antispark switch that didn’t like the 12s and then killed 1 VESC or is the VESC itself. I hope it’s only one. Need to test it. I found 2 little stones inside the enclosure. Since I opened again after sealed probably I didn’t sealed right the last time. Can also be that the 2 stones caused the shorts and bye bye. Of course I just sold my spare vesc 6.6 last Wednesday… All right! I guess tests are postponed. :sob:


Balls… sorry dude. I don’t trust anti sparks anymore.


Yeh I knew it thst 12s is kit the best but I have been use it for the past 2 months before winter came. The problem is the VESC. Now I have to understand if it is only one or both.

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