Mad Maxine | Globe deck from ericks bike shop | motor mount/trucks/wheels from an original zboard | FVT 120a | custom rewound NTM 50-60 (unkown Kv) | 20Ah 5s Barajabali li-po

So all the parts finally came togeather and my board works (sort of :sweat_smile:)

Here is the full list of parts:

  • globe deck from ericks bikeshop
  • trucks, wheels, wheel pulley (44t), belt all from an old original zboard i got off craigslist
  • FVT 120a, and 5s 20Ah lipo from @barajabali
  • XT90-s connector for battery
  • 17t drive pulley from spd/si
  • alien drive motor mount from @Michaelinvegas
  • FS-GT2B controller off amazon
  • misc hardware from home depot
  • custom rewound NTM prop drive, not sure what the Kv is, just did as many winds of 18 AWG wire that i could, which ended up being 8 turns (was going for as much power/torque as i could get out of it)

Ran well, i can tell it wants to really run but i didn’t want to push it on my first time out, climbed the very slight incline near my apartment with zero issues. BUT, i did run into an issue where after a minute or two the power would drop. almost as if the speed was being limited. I would pull the trigger and the motor would spin up fast and then drop to a slower speed and stay there. It was also getting pretty hot, the point where i couldn’t keep my hand on it for more than a couple seconds (probably because its low volts, high amps :/ ). I would let it sit for a minute and it would be back to normal, any ideas on what’s going on???

And now for what you all want, pictures: note: i was really excited to get out so most of this is temporary (although i do like how the esc and battery meter are held on, so i might only replace the cardboard covering the battery with something sturdier)


How tight is the belt? Looks pretty taught …

pretty tight, i dont have much ability to adjust it :/

But i do have plans to make slots instead of holes so i have more adjustability

A tight belt will definitely stress the motor.

kk, i will put that at the top of my to-do list

I remember when one time I put the belt too tight, everything got hot fast, belt, both pulleys, and the motor. I have heard ntm motors to run hot. @longhairedboy would be able to confirm this.

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yea, I’d for sure loosen that belt before riding- the 50mm motor will burn out and you will be doa after just finishing your board…

I had an old 50mm enertion motor, and tried switching to pneumatics… even with them fully inflated and gearing compensated for, the extra rolling resistance made the motor run incredibly hot after short rides. And I don’t even weight much.

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Also…the wheels…are they pretty hard? Or spongy? And what’s the diameter? 83? 90?

It a start!

100mm, pretty hard rubber, i can barely push my fingernail into them. will replace eventually… just didnt have a lot of spare cash for replacing things i already have on this build

That 100mm may have something todo with the over heating

really? how?

Just harder for the motor at low speeds

An 83mm would help

that makes some sense. i felt that once i got up to speed it felt a lot better. I stayed pretty slow most of the time since it was my first time on my board in awhile, and the first time with it electric

Going slow with your current set up will def kill the motor even if you loosen the belt…you’ll need to keep a higher speed to keep from over working the motor

Only thing I think you can do is to drop the gearing from 17t to a 12t

You don’t need speed you need the torque

Also looking at the truck and the mounting holes…you are prob better off doing as I did on the penny board and just forgo using the existing motor mount and making your own…

Would look a lot cleaner…and have less vibration and allow you to fine tune the angle you want…

Those trucks give you pleanty of options

i wanted to keep as much of the belt cover as i could. so far i am happy with it. and is easier to work with compared to sheet steel.

Also i kinda like a thrown together/grungy/hackey look :sunglasses:

Lol the Mad Max of e-boarding lol


It’s true. running your belts too tight will cause the motors and pulleys to heat up a bit, and it does seem a little more noticeable on the 50mm motors.