MAD Storm...The attempt to create the Most Powerful Direct Drive_LoL

Hi guys! It’s time to separate this project form the former one THis one is going to be my second DD. This time from scratch. Simple plan. Take a big motor and make it direct drive…easy right? :laughing: I will update the thread while I am making the parts instead of showing everything at the end. The DD will be then mounted on the BullyDeck an integrated solution I am making to create The StormBreaker…Of course!

Designing the drive

image image|690x387 image image image image image image

Making the parts:

Universal pulley + Kegel adapter image image

Currently attempting the truck snapshot_1551647640307

To be continued :wink:


Are these personal projects or will you put some up for sale? These are super cool and maybe a little overkill :smile:

These are my personal projects, but willing to put them available for small GB just to sponsor future projects I have in mind. Yeh this motor is way too much for me :laughing: Now that I am using the MAD fury and they are already plenty strong, do not know how I will handle them. Although I am going to use longer deck so I opt that helps.


Looks awesome! What size are those motors, and what is their kv?

Custom 6384 motors 85Kv That’s why every mm counts here :wink: Then the kv can be changed in the future if someone wants to use them with > 100mm wheels. Otherwise too fast.


Pulley done

IMG_20190304_013635 IMG_20190304_013646 IMG_20190304_013618

Truck still on going :smile: IMG_20190304_013709


Anamali! Was wondering when you’d upmotor, you’d make a much nicer Jerry

Where does it end? 80xx hub mating to superstar pattern


Have seen some of the cnc trucks using what looked like a screw in bit for the pivot (not sure of proper name) If they are readily available might be easier then trying to 3d machine the end bit as just need to drill and tap it. Am super interested in how this turns out, are the trucks just modelled off the caliber 2 trucks?

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Damn! I thought about it but never found it. Took like 4hiur to make haf of the pivot! It would be so much easier to screw something on :laughing: I feel really dump a the moment. Thank you for the info. Yes the base is Caliber II. I will use TB truck to pair them.

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Yeh I also think I should have used a smaller motor. While designing I thought 6374 motors have been used already so where is the challenge? :laughing:


bookmarked :white_check_mark:

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This pleases me.


Maybe just made separately by the same maker? Less stock needed for truck that way

That would speed up a lot the process… The pivot part sucks. I checked again but could only find same small pivotball for small downhill truck. Nothing for like caliber or Paris truck. Although I could also machine them separately and then run a m5 screw in it to mount it to the truck.

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Other option would be if you have a lathe with a 4 jaw chuck is just leave it as a square on the end and turn the pivot on the lathe, dare say it will get more cylindrical then trying to 3d profile and will be much quicker if your just cutting out a 2d profile.

Not sure how accurate the dome on the end needs to be ? if it’s not critical could just make it close enough with a file or even go all out with a profile tool.

If you don’t already know how to cheat indicating a square part Joe Pie did an awesome video on a nice trick


YEh that was a possibility I though about it in case it won’t work on the CNC. I went for the CNC way because once set it it does by itself and I can enjoy the afternoon :smile: I have a mini late at home but it is 3 jaws at the moment (planning of upgrade it). Although I have access to a big lathe at the uni 4 jaws that works like a charm. I do not have the custom adapter to make sperical part so if I making on the lathe would be a bit rough shape and then maybe adjust it manually. I wiil do the lower part today and hope it will be fine. Thanks for the suggestions :wink:

PS: Nice trick btw!


That was a pain in the ass :grin:, but finally done. Except the hanger hole. My first custom truck, not bad I learnt a lot, that for sure…

Now stator pipe and motor can…


You’ve become quite the home machinist in a short amount of time, I’m interested to know if your getting any training/advice and the equipment used(pics even), designing s/w pics.

The hubs are great, well done to you


Thanks man. No it’s just passion. I have few guy at the Uni that initiated me to a manual lathe work and manual mill. Fell in love with it and start to build my own workshop at home. Moreover I love technology so I try to make semiautomatized whatever I thouch. All my machines are good/entry level so you have to put patience and time to overcome that fact that they are not professional machines. For a hobby level is plenty though. For the rest all self learning. I have been buiding stuffs since I was little, mainly with wood in the past and now with Esk8 only metal :grin: No University degree in that. I am doing a PhD in the faculty of Medicine, studied Biomedical biology, so no background or whatsoever. Use to read a lot in a scientific way, so I make my own laws quite fast. If you have questions about what to buy in particular just ask. I also have a new entry a small laser engraver…planning to engrave logos, cut some stylish grip tape with it :laughing:


Was interested greatly in making chips. No idea where to start with that and fuck ups are a lot more serious than my fusion efforts

Sounds fun, jealous