Made a DIY electric longboard with 2 modes on it, what do you guys think?

This board has 2 modes on purpose, cruise and launch mode. In the “launch mode”, without load on it, it will just spin out of control. With load on it, it reaches 45mph in a couple seconds. I also added a second battery, to supply the lights, horn, sound system, etc. This board is not finished.

If you guys want to see the video of the launch mode check out this link below. Also this video in not sped up in any way. This is the acceleration in the launch mode and that wasn’t even full throttle! Acceleration of the board

A full video with details and better footage will be up on my channel, I am currently filming and editing and then it will go up, if you want to check out my channel, here’s the link: My YouTube channel

Specs of the board:

Speed = 45mph Range = 30 miles Battery = 12s5p samsung 30q Motor = 6374(x2), 190kv, belt Wheel = 90mm Features(I added) = Horn, RGB lights, Sound system, cruise control, brake lights, etc. Price = $1400

This board has 2 modes: Cruise mode and launch mode In the cruise mode, it acts like any e-board, but in the launch mode, the acceleration is insanely fast!

In the first picture, the board was under construction, but in the last picture you will see that we added a custom case. The fourth picture, in the yellow 3D printed case, is the second battery. In the seventh picture, is the lights which are RGB and can be controlled by the remote.


Nice, how’s it going with those low hanging motors? You could almost ditch the back wheels and put some rubber sleeves around the motor cans :sweat_smile:. Does it need to be that low? One hit by a larger something and your magnets crumbling into pieces …

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Well, actually I had no problems with them being that low, if you look at the video link of the acceleration in launch mode, I’ve been riding like that everywhere for some time now, you will see it in the full video when it comes out. I’ve even went off small curbs with it. Though I most likely get longer mounts to lift them up a little more in the future just to be on the safe side. In one of the picture you will see I took apart the motor to see if things are good in there, and everything was fine.

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