MADRID Trapstar | Single drive | Ollinboards 170kv | 12s2p | Yellow 83mm wheels | 44 Caliber Trucks | Led Head lights and led ground effects

Hope to get the board in tomorrow

Madrid Trapstar Downhill Longboard

Dimensions: 37.5" x 10" features: Money Pocket, W-Concave, CNC wheel wells Construction: Formica/Maple Layup Wheelbase: 27.5", 28", 28.5", 29"

@korryh mount
@chaka 170kv @Namasaki 12s Esc 12s2p 14t/36t 83mm Yellow wheels Caliber Trucks Dual Led head lights Remote controlled WS2811 RGB led underglow And mini remote


Are you rich? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Is this a customer build?

This is mine

Scored the deck for $38 bucks


Nice! Look forward to seeing the build. How are you controlling the RGB underglow - which kit?

What size wheels will it fit without risers - 83 the largest?

Hobby King sells a decent one that plugs right into the receiver

That’s what I use

I’ll be using a 12v system …ill be trying out a new controller for WS2811 addressable lights


Wow u keep making new board. How many board do you have til now?lol

I’ve been using an arduino nano and ws2812 leds on 15x15 matrices and it works well.

yeah I hope it’s as simple as it looks lol…

Prob could put 90s but 83 are my preference…

Lol I have another build that I put on hold for now … The Pokemon one

Wow! That’s an amazingly good deal (shaking my head in disbelief). Here in Oz, I’m luck to get a used popsicle skate deck for that price.

I have to ask, where did you get such a good deal?

I stalk eBay all the time…

When people mis-categorize or mis-label…less people will bid… And that’s when I swoop in lol

Now you bastards know my tricks lol


Other people do it…me and @Ulfberht were eyeing the same decks on eBay …he won them lol…


Nice Deck Bro!

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I see Im not the only one taking advantage of people on ebay lol

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Ain’t it? Lol thanks

Lol…sometimes you get lucky :+1:t2:

I applaud you eBay-fu! I don’t normally hang out on eBay, but that might have to change. Thanks of the advice. :slight_smile: