Magneto board upgrade. Space cell pro 4 | sk3 6374 | vesc | enertion remote

So I’ve had the magneto board (v1, belt drive) a Chinese clone board for a year and half and it’s held up really well with no problems at all! But now I’ve outgrown the board, top speed was getting quite boring at around 15mph on a charged battery and even less speed when the battery was low. Also the battery was starting to loose its capacity making rides shorter. So, I decided to upgrade. I was mostly after more top speed so I decided to buy a sk3 6374(was much bigger than what I expected) from hobbyking and a vesc too as it gave MUCH smoother acceleration as well as braking. I was planning on buying two 5s lipos and connecting them in series to make a 10s pack I wasn’t really happy with this solution as charging the packs seemed like too much of a hassle but there weren’t any other options in terms of batteries as I didn’t want to build a pack from cells as I wasn’t confident and don’t have a spot welder. Other options such as prebuilt packs were out of my budget. BUT, somehow I found a seller that had a space cell pro 4 here in London at a great price. Then the building began. For trucks, wheels mounts and pulleys I re used them from the old board. I had to make new holes in the mount as the motor that was on previously was smaller and had different mounting holes. Getting the motor pulley out of the motor shaft seemed impossible but after a couple hours and a flame torch I finally got it off. The sk3 didn’t come with a keyway so I had to make a flatspot with an angle grinder. Connected and soldered everything together, hooked up the vesc, the remote and receiver from the magneto board would not bind so I had to buy another remote which was the exact same (steez) but was from enertion. Finally set everything up and finally got the board running. Took it out for my first ride yesterday and it was amazing. It took a me a while to get used to the increase in speed but the speed felt amazing as well as the much smoother braking. I plan on getting a new set of motor mounts, pulley,etc… for the drive system just to make it more solid as well as a new deck in the future but for now it seems to holding up well.

Decided to post this here as I was looking around the forum to see if anyone had done any upgrades to a Chinese clone board but didn’t find anything.


Awesome, well done.:slight_smile:.