Magneto, koowheel, melon board motor replacement


I’ve got my magneto longboard for little over half a year now. Sadly my motor broke down. I’ve found a replacement motor, but at 129 dollars i think that is a bit overpriced.

I’ve read that the board has a 1200 W motor belt driven motor. I guess these chinese boards must have some general motor type which should not be too expensive to replace. Does anybody have experience in this or knows where the buy such motor cheaply?

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Find out what specs it has (Size, KV, W-Rating,…) and you should get one for half the price. You might even be able to upgrade if the ESC can handle it.

you know any good place to get a replacement motor?

if it turns out to be a standard size… like a 4046 or a 5055 or something you can probably find one on or alibaba or even ebay.

i would say go through maytech’s catalog but they price their stuff in such a way that deters people from buying one or two motors. They sort of want you to buy like 20 of them or more, so they don’t have the best prices for singles.

i just went to their spare parts page and saw a Favourite ESC there. I’m going back to bed now.

From their FAQ:

How powerful is the motor?

The motor has 1400 watt/1.87 HP for great acceleration, torque, braking and top speed.