Magsafe as charge port

@Maxid dude…


Finally someome noticed :wink: Was really happy when I found out that the switch fits nicely into the truck baseplate on the trucks that came with @jacobbloy’s motors


Cleanest look ever

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Seems to work quite nicely


yooo when i was falling asleep last night i was thinking of that switch idea

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@Maxid: Your magsafe port and the stealthy switch is friggin’ awesome!

Wall hanger charging sounds really sexy. The problem would be the charging port. It needs to be easily connected without tension and pressure so it’s not dependent on which angle you’re hanging your board. I mean the angle could change if your bottom wheels is touching the wall and you change the size of your wheels.

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What ab spark? Is that switch antispark?

there is a vedder anti spark switch inside the board.

Tight fit :wink:



Can you guys share where you got the magnetic charger?

The parts can be bought on ebay or aliexpress. Further up I even linked to an aliexpress store.

Thanks, how was shipping time on these sellers? Aliexpress usually takes around 40 days to deliver, hope I could find a USA seller on Amazon or eBay

I bought mine from ebay as a used part from a broken macbook. It took like 2 days. Don’t know how long it will take from china.

that swicht tho ,Dude i am putting you up with the big boys in my book ! serious creativity

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God damn that’s slick!

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Not magsafe but at least will make things a lot easier :smiley:

Actually it was super easy to setup. Just connected the pins directly with the battery and changed the charger’s output cable.

How many amps you gonna push through it? I remember from somewhere on this thread that there was 4 A mentioned. Correct?

You could theoretically push 4 amps through it - personally my charger doesn’t even have that. I charge with 2.5A