Major noob mistake or something that might work? please help! Pulley hole too small for trucks!

I’m using callaber 2 trucks, and the hole of the 36 tooth pulley i am using is too small for the trucks to slide into. To “fix” this i instead put the bearings into the pulley it’s self, set up as if the pulley is the wheel, then i attached the pulley with a bolt to the trucks, this way because of the bearings, the trucks don’t go very far inside of the pulley at all. at this point the pulley rotates smooth and freely on its own like a wheel, from here the pulley is firmly held against the wheel with the 5 kegal type, screws. the only thing that seems off to me a “noob”, is just that because of this configuration the wheel with the pulley system / belt is slightly extended out “unlike the other wheels”. I just do not know if this will work from an engineering perspective, as i’m very new to this.

i’ll add pictures if nobody understands what i mean

-ps i know i could just grind my trucks down a little but i don’t have the tools.