Make a little pipe (8mm) I PAY!

hello guys, i’m looking for some one to make for me, a litle pipe, with 8mm diameter outside and 6 mm diameter inside, with 20 mm length, and 3 holes (2mm diameter) in the midle, with 120º separetly. this pipe is for make connectin between my gear and motor. (EU)


buy some 8mm pipe and drill some holes?


And there is no need to make multiple threads!

Does it need to be strong? I can 3D print one for you, but have no idea if it is going to be put under stress or not…

sorry, i know. but when i published on first time,i couldn’t see my post in (news) and i thought, was canceled the publisment, and created another one. And i noticed the publishment goes to another sector. and i dont know how delete a post.

thanks but is better be strong

good idea, will search a shop

Not a problem, just mentioned it. Do you know how to use a 3d software? If so, make a quick sketch and try, their prices are sometimes good.

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thanks, but forget to say, im in EU

You can use all over the world! They find CNC shops which are closest to your location : )

Look up airsoft pipes! They sell “precision barrels” that go from 6.01mm and up with different outer diameters. Could save you a euro or two.

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