Make your Grip tape look new FOREVER! Cleans off super easy!

Check this trick out… applience epoxy!!! Make your grip tape look BETTER than it was new… and last longer… as well as clean off 1,000x easier than any other grip tape out on the market!!! Check it out at this link n then… Try it!!! You will be blown away!!!..


wouldn’t this make the grip tape not as grippy?

Yeah pretty much, it will fill in some of the gaps in the grip tape

So I guess that’s why he said it was easier to clean afterwards. He basically lightly “buffed” the grip tape with epoxy spray

Sounds good. Same thing that if you painted the grip tape. Like i painted a sand paper while making a grip for steep stairs.

Yeah I’ve painted grip before, but afterwards it wasn’t very rough at all. Although it was very old grip

Yes u want to start with new grip paper that has a good grip to it and the key is to go very light from about a foot away and just do one very light coat and wait and then do one more if it needs it but no more than that! Also if the spray lays to heavy on the grip I took a black t-shirt and dabbed off any excess of the black appliance epoxy and that makes the the top of the grit still have almost as much grip as before starting and the thing is it will keep it at that level rather than it wearing out fast like the grip tape I did not spray started to… so I hurry n cleaned the other 2 boards and sprayed them also! It is 1,000X difference if done right!!!