Maker X Retro esc (those who are interested in knowing about it) full test and review

I just want to share my experience with the Retro esc from Maker X.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s a very good esc. But, I may need to let those who are a bit inexperienced in making connectors and changing pin connectors. I do recommend having a bit of knowledge when working with this esc.

So for my build, it is a 10s10p battery running semi AT hub motors. The hub motors has a 5 pin hall sensor, while the Maker X retro has 6.

The company does give you a bag of connectors for you to make your own. Note these things:

There is no servo connector. You have to make your own with a 3 pin red/white/black ph2.0 connector given in the bag. This also uses 4mm bullet connectors and does bring 6 male bullet connectors in the bag, with one xt60 connector.

If your hall sensor is only 4-5 pins, you might need to learn how to remove the 5 ph2.0 pins and replace the one that came in a bag given. The white wire is a thermo sensor, so if your hub motor doesn’t have one, you can remove it.

This is a dual ESC. And note that updating this firmware from vesc tool doesn’t really do much. It still stays the same firmware (for me that is).

So if you enjoy learning how to create your own connectors, then this esc is worth it. More info on

More details later on. So far so good.

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Update 1:

After checking why this esc was unable to get the latest firmware, I finally figured it out so that you don’t have to!

Firstly, go to the bootloader tab and install the bootloader. Once you do that, your esc should now be able to accept the latest firmware. You can confirm this by looking at the name of the esc. When you first get it, it will say COM 3.

After updating, it will now say COM 4. Congrats, you are now using the latest firmware!

Update 2: after testing the esc, I will guarantee this: you will have a very crazy time with the esc. I’ll update this after I learn how to make a speed setting on my remote.

Final update: testing this esc on my build (35amps per motor), I have to say that this esc is 100% worth it. Going up a hill, this esc will push you incredibly fast due to its amp burst. When I say fast, I mean it. I actually had to buy a helmet for the first time of my life.

If you are thinking twice about this esc, you do not have to. However, do note the maximum continuous in the website. If its too low for you, don’t get it. This is worth it for my build. Also, if your remote is the torqueboard mini, channel 1 is for the wheel, channel 2 is for the trigger. So ignore the wheel on the remote.

Did they include wires to connect to the receiver? Or just connectors

Can you take a picture of your reciever wore plugged in and if you have to buy the wires separately?

They have the connector for the receiver. You don’t have to buy it separately.

Btw, I’m on, a more active forum if you’re interested.

The black red and white wire is the ppm. But, you do have to buy a servo connector kit and make the connector with the given wire.

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