MakerX D60 Set Up

Hey yall, Ive got a potentially obvious and simple question. Im finishing up my generation 2 board and Im using a MakerX D60. My problem is that only one side of the ESC will respond at a time. Ive uploaded/ dowloaded the correct firmware pertaining the the ESC in question, and that obviously made a difference, but only helped me connect to both sides of the ESC at separate times. Both sides show up and register on the CAN BUS but i can only get one motor to respond to inputs at a time. Sometimes only one side of the ESC will show up on the can bus at a time, but other times im able to get both ESCs to show up after some fidgeting. Its not a connection issue via cable because both sides work and ive tried multiple cables, all of which get the same result. Ive even bootcamped my MacBook to run windows 10 and have gotten the same result when using the Windows version of VESC Tool. When I did the initialization for the motors, both responded and still do, they just alternate and won’t both spin simultaneously. In order to get the opposite one to respond, I have to reconnect the VESC Tool and change settings. Even then, only the opposite side works. Im using a Hoyt St. Puck if that helps. Any advice? Thanks!!

P.S. Ive heard that you need the Phase filter set to “off” for this ESC to work but im struggling to get it to work regardless of this setting. I have been unable to reach MakerX support or find any information online regarding this ESC (Yes, ESC, not VESC. This may be part of the problem).

EDIT: I figured out that my remote will only control the side of the vesc its plugged into, I have been unsuccessful in getting my controller to control both sides of my vesc simultaneously. Do i just need to splice my receiver wires to connect my receiver to both sides of the vesc or is there a setting I’m missing?


I’m not sure what the problem was or how to solve it using the vesc tool, so I took an alternative route. I ended up taking my receiver and building a custom connector that connects the receiver to both JST ports on either ESC. I basically spliced a second JST connector onto the receiver cable so that there were 2 JST connectors that connected to one receiver. I’ll upload a photo below for a better understanding. If anyone has the solution to my problem by changing settings on the vesc tool, please let me know, Id like to know what I did wrong/ missed. Thanks and I hope this helps someone!