MakerX Go-FOC D60 Help

Hi all, I have a brand new MakerX D60 vesc and it won’t connect to my computer anymore. I also have a MakerX DV6 that I was using for a bit, but I switched to the D60 to see how they compare. The D60 worked well for a while, but after plugging it back into my laptop and VESC Tool, it immediately reset the vesc to factory values and erased all my settings and values I’d set up for my eboard. I disconnected the vesc and reconnected it to see if it was just a bug, but my settings still weren’t there. I decided to re-enter all my settings and save them to a flash drive in case they were erased again. Much to my dismay, every time I connected my vesc to the VESC Tool, the settings erased themselves. I decided to put the D60 to the side and go back to my DV6 for the time being. Recently I got a new Carbon Deck with a built-in charge port, battery % display, and power button, So I decided to go back and try the D60 again as the DV6 does not use a power button and the D60 does. The D60 now wont even connect to my computer via USB port, and it won’t connect via Bluetooth module either. I get an error saying my firmware is out of date, but I can’t connect the vesc to the VESC Tool to update the firmware. I can only assume that I somehow bricked the vesc, as the result of all my research on the symptoms point towards a bricked vesc. I don’t have an SWD Programmer and have been hesitant on buying one due to the lack of information I could find about fixing a bricked MakerX vesc. I don’t think the D60 has a SWD port, or it doesn’t have one labeled “SWD” or with the pins that match the ones I’ve seen on other vescs in videos. The pins could just be called something else, but I don’t have enough experience or knowledge to know if they mean the same thing. The ports (with pin labels) the vesc has are as follows: two Comms ports (5v, 3.3v, GND, AD1, RX, TX, A2, A3), two hall sensor ports (5v, TEMP, H1, H2, H3, GND), two receiver ports (GND, 5v, PWM), another receiver port (GND, CNH, CNL), and a power button port (VBAT, SW, GND, 5v). The only port I think could potentially work as an SWD port would be the power button port, as it has the most similar pin labels to the videos and forums I’ve seen. The pins I’ve seen for an SWD port are labeled SWD port and have pins labeled VCC, CLK, GND, and IO. I’m assuming these would correspond to the ones I mentioned on my vesc, but I’m not sure. The Is there a way to salvage my vesc? I have been unsuccessful in finding solutions or information on anything MakerX makes so I am having some issues and don’t want to try something that could potentially make my situation worse. Cheers!

When you plug in the D60, did you have the power button in to make sure it was on? Usually there’s a thing where if you do not turn the power switch on, the esc will remain as if it was never on, even if you’ve plugged it into a battery.

Weird thing, but that happens. Secondly, if you do not FIRST get the bootloader BEFORE updating, your settings will not be saved. I discovered this first hand and found the solution no one found beforehand.

It’s annoying, but you must do that first.

Let me try the power button thing, I think I’ve always had it on upon plugging it in, but I’m not sure. If it helps, one side of the VESC has a blue light, but the other side is dark. The same side always has the light, it is always blue, and always on.

This does not sound good. But I no longer see the D60 for sale. You may need to contact makerx about this.

His email:

[email protected]

yeah i was struggling to find any info since they discontinued it and have had issues on the past reaching MakerX support. Plus, I have no doubt that theyre going to tell me its my fault and they cant do anything. I will make another try to talk to them though

I tried your power cycle trick and made sure the VESC is set to on when connecting it to the VESC Tool and I was unsuccessful. I did notice that the VESC uses one central light rather than one on each side, so I’m not sure if the light being blue represents anything, but I can’t say that one side isn’t lighting up because there is only one light for the whole VESC, so I was incorrect in my previous reply. I have a raspberry pi3 B and I was wondering if there is a way for me to flash my VESC by installing/ running SWD software on the raspberry pie and connecting it to the VESC. I’ve done some digging around the Internet to see if anyone has done this or attempted it before and have found very little information. The one thing I did find was this Reddit post (linked below) but I’m not a coder and I don’t know how to write programs and read the program listed in the post. Do you know if it’s possible to use my raspberry pi as an SWD programmer? I also have a second functioning VESC and was wondering if there’s a way I can use my other working VESC as a slave of sorts to bridge the dead VESC and the VESC Tool on my computer. The only reason I’m set on using the VESC that happens to be dead in this case is because I got a new forged carbon deck and it has a built-in slot for a power button and my DV6 doesn’t use a power button, it uses a loop key instead. My D60 (dead one) uses of power button instead of a loop key, that’s why I would prefer to use it. There’s no place to put a loop key on this deck and cutting out a slot for it is not an option seeing as it’s a high-quality carbon deck. Thanks for all your help throughout my learning process @LeonCamero! I really appreciate it!

Reddit Post Mentioning Using Raspi3 And Slave VESC To Revive Dead VESC

Edit: If it would help if I sent photos or videos of my set up I will be more than happy to share those with you. Just send me a message and I’ll send them over. I’m not sure if my explanation of what is going on is helpful or not and maybe a visual will help :slight_smile:

The blue light means it’s on and working. After hearing about the D60, I went to see what you meant by 1 light. You are right. It’s only one light. If that’s working, then you may need to just reinstall bootloader and the firmware on the main side and see if it updates over can.

This I never had to do so unfortunately i do not know. Never needed to learn about it.

I would actually love to get one and test it myself to see if I can fix the esc. But I probably will have more success with mine since both my retro (water damaged) and dv6 are working flawlessly (save the retro since water did quite a bit of damage).

I think ive started to figure out a way to get the D60 to connect to my VESC Tool, but im still working on it. Do you know if theres a way to set the DV6 to push/ slide to start by chance? If I can do that, I can use the DV6 instead of the D60. I figure someones made a custom configuration or program to do it, but havent been able to fin anything online. i know the DV6 PRO version comes with push to start, but i want to see if theres a way to add this to my DV6 standard edition.

No. The DV6 doesn’t have the hardware capabilities to do this.

Dare I ask if there’s a way to use a power button on the DV6 so it’s not always on? I can’t cut a slot for a loop key in my deck (new carbon fiber deck), but I don’t want to leave it on all the time to avoid unnecessary stress on the ESC or unnecessary battery drain. Is it ok to leave it on all the time with no power button or is it potentially straining the ESC or shortening it’s life? And how much would it drain the battery if I went to class for ~6 hours and left the esc on (not connected to the remote)? I’m still struggling to get the D60 to perform reliably in regards to connectivity consistency/ not wiping settings. Thanks again!

Antispark switch from makerx. I believe that has a built in switch and can be used. Just note that leaving it on will still drain power.

How significantly would the drain be if it’s just the esc on standby looking for a connection from my remote?

I’ve tried this myself on my board and i would say not too heavy. Like increments of voltage every hour or so. Like .2v or more.

I’ll get back to you on that if i decide to do a longer test.

Do you know if its possible to set up a DV6 to drive only one motor? My trucks are too small to use both but I need the board for transportation, so id like to use just one motor temporarily if possible. Thanks!

I do not believe it’s possible. I’ve heard that some had tried, but, it lacks power. That’s the downside of having a dual esc. I would usually get two singles, but the sv6 had some issues before. Don’t know if thats fixed now.

shoot alright. I have Tenka that one side died on, is it possible or safe to use that because only one side works?

You could try it. I make no guarantees about it. But test to see if it has power to move you at least.

it does, though its a fairly weak esc to begin with. gotta find it in the junk parts bin lol

I got an SWD Programmer for my birthday today, and trying to figure out what the pin out is on the VESC so I can connect the programmer correctly. It looks like the DV6 has a port to connect a programmer to but I’m struggling to find the correct location to connect a programmer to the D60. Do you know where I would connect the programmer on a D60? I will try and attach photos of the ports on the VESC as well as the pin out on the SWD programmer.

I would contact makerx or see if anyone else knows. So far, that esc doesn’t have the full connections needed. Maybe its within the heatsink itself.