Making a Motor Mount

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It was my firs “300$” longboard :slight_smile: Then did not want spand a lot of money, but I had a great desire to make a electric longoard. This motor mount hold very nice - ~250km without problems. To prevent slipping I used a little bit of hot glue. But for more stability I recommend to use 2 steel brackets(2mm thick) together.

Now I build my second board with VESC, 18650 cells and other nice stuff. And I hope I get my VESC untill end of June because the summer in Saint Petersburg is very short :slight_smile:


It’s awesome bro

I’m sure it brought you a lot of smiles

@eLDoska that’s just awesome! Nice work! All this time I’ve been spending money for mounts like a chump!

I tried finding a l bracket or z bracket like the one you showed with no success. Can you link me one?

I am not shure, that my link will help you, because i am from Russia and such steel brackets are here in every building materials store.

how the fuck?

just how the fuck did it go from shit looking to master piece?

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Has anyone else tried brazing as an alternative to welding the mount on? I’m considering trying it out.

Someone tried it out on endlesspshere, but it didn’t last very long due to the lack of strength.

Also here’s a link for a bracket that may work:

Thanks for the response. Could you possibly link me to the post? @chipoi84 Go all the way to the bottom. Second to last

lol was that reply ment for me hahaha



20 bullshit 20

You’re from Russia? so thats why your name is El doska (board) . You Russian keyboard bro?

ahahah im still confuised lol

in the first two pics you mount looks like crap but then in the third it looks amazing. how did you make it look so good?

lots of work!!! the end product came out surprisingly well :smile:


You sir, will survive the zombie apocalypse


Yes I am, and you are right - “Doska” means “Board”, and i have russian keyboard as well :slight_smile:

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