Making master and slave motors communicate both ways using VESC tool

Hey guys, hope yall well. I am using the Flipsky dual FSESC4.20 plus pro switch. I have sat up the motors for testing, and I am trying to make the master motor (A1) and slave motor (A2) communicate both ways. For example, if the master motor is jammed, the slave slows down, and if the slave motor is stuck, the master motor slows down. I am very fresh to the VESC tool and tried what’s available online, but none of the ways worked. I also tried downgrading the VESC tool as some suggested, but it’s putting limitations on my communication with the board.

What I am getting now is when the master is stuck, the slave does NOT slow down or stop. But when the slave is jammed, the master slows down and almost stops.

It’d be great if someone knows how to set it up.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: