Making my first eboard and need a bit of advice

Hey guys, I’m new to this community and looking to get some help with my first eboard. I currently have 2 3s lipos being shipped as well as a 190kv Keda motor. I also have 83mm wheels from enertion. I was just wondering what the best speed controller would be as I’m likely to upgrade to 12s in the future. Oh and I have a 3:1 gear ratio. Any help would be appreciated. Mostly to do with the Keda motor has anyone ever tried one?

Pretty much everyone will tell you get a VESC. It’s the best fit for esk8.

Yeah. That’s the way I’m leaning but I just read a few things about the vesc not being good for 12s. What’s your opinion?

There’s plenty of 12s builds for it, you just need to be careful as it’s reaching the upper limits of the VESC, especially with a higher kv motor. Just stay within voltage and erpm limits and you should be fine.

Is there a way to limit erpm on the vesc. And is 190kv too high?

You can turn on the soft eRPM limit in the app config panel on BLDC tool. 190kv would bring you to a theoretically max of 63,680 erpm which is over the 60k soft limit. You should be fine if you account for voltage sag, but to be safe I’d turn on the soft limiter.

Just clarifying, so if I turn on the soft limit it will keep the erpm under or at 60k?

It will start braking to keep the eRPM under the limit

Ok thanks. And I don’t really mind if that happens because I won’t be going full speed all the time. Will it brake hard of just softly?

There’s a “start” and “end” setting for the limit. When it hits “start” it’ll throttle back the speed with increasing strength until it hits the “end” limit.

Ok thanks for your help! I’m definitely going for a vesc then. You wouldn’t happen to have a spare one you could sell me on the cheap would you? Enertions a bit pricey for me as I’m only 15

I actually have one I’m selling for $80 right now, but there’s someone already interested, if they don’t pay by tomorrow I’ll PM you if you’re interested.

Yes thanks mate! Is 80 usd?

Yep, based in Cali

Oh that’s a bit of a bummer as I’m in Aus. Would I still be able to get it if I paid extra for the shipping?