Making my new budget build 8" Wheels

Im starting my 4th budget build for mountain street board

Parts : Battery Samsung 35E 10A 10s6p 11" off-road trucks with upgraded motor mounts from diyeboard scrub akashi 38" mountain deck Motors Keda 6364 190kv 4.20 2x flipsky vescs! 8" aliexpress wheels with vegas hubs for light wight 15/72 gears And Got a 5A charger from aliexpress for fast charge for the 20400mah battery It weigh 14kg IMG_20190321_182533 IMG_20190321_182608 IMG_20190321_192526 IMG_20190323_045944 IMG_20190329_221258 IMG_20190329_221703 IMG_20190329_222159 IMG_20190321_225833 IMG_20190322_151522 IMG_20190325_092923 IMG_20190329_152705 IMG_20190329_152710 IMG_20190329_232622 IMG_20190328_212240 IMG_20190328_201050 IMG_20190331_130041 IMG_20190331_130047 IMG_20190331_130055 IMG_20190331_130120!IMG_20190331_130115IMG_20190331_184229 it can stay up and stable because of the mounts


Isn’t 50A kinda low for dual 6364s?

It all depends on your preference, but the battery should be fine if you do 30a per vesc

Hi could you tell me what wheel pulleys you got…I have same tire rim set and cant find the gears w 4 holes to match…please and thanks

Wait I think you only got them on the front…I am looking for a gear for those front wheels u got