Making my second board and require some help and advisory!

Hey guys! I’ve decided to make a new board recently because people judge my previous budget build, which turned out to be great actually, but I hope better components would make it a better board. - I’m currently living in New Zealand, so preferably recommend shops that have international delivery without an insane delivery fee (i mean, I don’t want delivery for the 50%of the price of the good.)

  1. VESC - Instead of my Chinese ESC, I plan to use FOCBOX VESC, but I haven’t decided whether I should go with Unity or Tanka - any recommendations on which one is better and what pros’ and cons’ which one has? Or can you recommend another good one?)

  2. REMOTE - since Vesc comes without a remote, do you think this one would be a good choice? (yeah, I know it’s from China as well, but it seems like a good choice)

or this one?

Flipsky 2.4G Screen Remote Control VX2 Transmitter for Electric Skateboard Ebike Eboat Compatible with VESC

  1. BATTERY - Now, that one so far is the trickiest one since I don’t really know a good place to buy a battery from as well as I don’t want to pay 500$ for a battery. Some people recommended that I make it myself, yet it’s a bit problematic since I still need to get the “right” 18650 batteries. Soooo, I need a lot of help with this one in particular!

  2. MOTORS - Honestly, I think the motors that I have at the moment are pretty good, so all I want to know is if they would be compatible with the new build. I think these are the ones I’ve got? But I’m not quite sure. :sweat_smile:

High Efficiency 6374 170KV Brushless Motor 2800W 24V/36V for Four Wheel Balancing Scooters Electric Skateboards w Motor Hall|Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress

I’m going to be fine with the rest) Thank you in advance to everyone who can advise me on this! :heart:

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I like the second remote. You are too cheap to buy a prebuilt battery. Start studying. Motors are fine.

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I’ve done some research on the batteries, and honestly making it with proper components would be like 2 times cheaper than to purchase one. I’ve set my aim to make a huge 12s4p battery, it’s still quite challenging to find the valid shop to purchase the batteries themselves. I’ve come across this shop multiple times but I’m still unsure about its…validity.

Truly, I did it as cheap as humanly possible, using parts from all over the globe, to get them cheap. The reason why it was so much cheaper for me to make my own, is I needed not only my SK8, but an electric bike batt. So, I could get the stuff in enough quantity to get cheaper. You will only TRULY save a third, maybe less. BUT, you will have KNOWN batts. You will have it built to your specs and shapes, EXACTLY.

And, you run the risk of being an ignorant know it all. There are a lot of details to a batt build. Screw just one up, and you can face severe consequences.

A self assessment of your skills, and capacity to learn fast, is necessary.

I know, but I’m quite sure in my spot welding,planing and soldering abilities. I was studying mechatronics in the Uni, plus I watched like 10 video tutorials on the topic, so I feel myself reasonably confident in making one.

However that doesn’t answer my question, I was asking for a nice source to buy 18650 batteries from.

Batteries, Chargers, LED Flashlights, and More! (

@glyphiks is in Australia and could probably help you out… I don’t know any builders in New Zealand.

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