Makita accu 4x 18V3A = 36V6A

hi everyone, i am olaf from holland.

I gone build an electric longboard. I already have all kinds of materials for it, the only thing what i have to is the battery part, this i one make from makita battery’s, in now its sounds weird, But i have 4 , 18V 3A My plan is to do 36V6A. Now my question is : For driving the long board do i need the bsc of the battery to ride ? I like to remove the case and the bsc of the battety To make it smaller to fit for my board. My idee is to make wires on de BSC to conect them back to the battery only for charching them in my makita charger Is this passible to do it ?

Greetings to you all Olaf

By BSC, I am assuming you mean Battery Charging System, although the acronym doesn’t add up.

I don’t recommend taking apart hardware-specific battery and drawing current from them directly. The battery could have a software-controlled current-draw system which could screw things up if you don’t know what you’re doing,

But if you have access to the raw cells, drawing current directly from it does work.

Hoi zackorycramer Thanks for your answer , indeed i mend BCS. Ok thnks for the information, i will remove the loading reels from the bcs to smooth it out and keep it on image