Malectrics Arduino spot welder battery

Hi everyone! Im currently looking for a new battery to power my Malectrics 3.2 spot welder. I’ve experienced SLI batteries loosing too much power after a weld and have to wait for it to regenerate. That makes it a pain in the a** to spot weld.

What type battery do you (Lipo, SLI, AGM etc.) use and what’s the brand, model and specs? Do you have to wait for the battery to regenerate its power?

-thanks a lot!

image This one. No waiting.


26 kg ouch :joy:

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Luckily i didn’t have to carry it back on the skateboard. I keep a minivan for tasks like this… (in fact this is the minivan battery)

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Why dont you take a 1F or 2F PowerCap with an 12V/10A power supply?

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How long does one of these last you? I went thru 2 or 3 turnigy heavy dutys already? Lead batreries could be a better solution in terms of life

I’ve done 100 cells welded and the voltage on this hasn’t really dropped. I get that it’s inconvenient, large and heavy but it was free!

Oh also, what’s the pulse time set to when you weld nickel to cell and nickel to nickel?

Well first I’ve never heard of it :joy: thanks! Can you explain how it works?

From memory it’s 15ms but best to test every time.

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I was hoping you knew how lomg would it take for it to become too weak to weld

I started with 5ms and now on 16ms to get the same weld I need to find a cheaper solution, or get an sunkko

Or try a microwave spot welder?

like in this

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You could get a car battery? How much do you want to spend?

50$ idk 10chr

I use a 6000mah 3s from Amazon. Works fine although gets quite hot but hasn’t puffed at all. I also find that to get a good weld use light pressure with the probes. I built most of my pack with hard pressure thinking it would get better contact with the nickel and weld better. Not the case, some of my welds are fairly weak but too late now since I have a few layers of strips covering the bad welds. Around 15ms for 0.15mm strips and 25ms for 0.2mm strips.


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i use a lipo works really well

EDIT: its one of these

Personally I have returned the maeltrics spot welder since I had nothing but problems so far with it. I have bought a sunkko now and it works like a charm.

But when I used it I would use a 65 c discharge graphene lipo I can sell it back to you if you want since I’m not using it anymore

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What problems?

More problems than I can remember it was a pain in the as, but don’t get me wrong the customer service of Maeltrics is outstanding, he gave me 2 new units because each time it.would stop working , I had 2 consecutive units breaking. In the end I have just returned it and asked for a refund.

The last problem I had ( this is when I decided to buy another one) the spot welder would randomly every 3 - 8 welds . It’s was annoying AF.

But I have to said since I recieved the sunkko and build 2 battery with it it’s another world. It a great spot welder .what I didn’t liked about the Arduino was the two separate wires, that makes the welds slow. The sunkko has an handle so it’s very convenient to sold weld as fast as possible IMO