Malectrics Spot Welder broken

Hey there, i had to make a little rework on my 10S4P battery and while doing so my adruino spot welder just broke. I dont know what exactly broke but it doesnt weld anymore.

I can activate the foot switch and the led lights up but it just doesnt weld. I already replaced the mosfet drivers with no luck. I want to repair it but currently i dont know how. Maybe someone can tell me how?

Maybe someone can lend me his spot welder for a bit? I am located in germany.

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Isn’t he based in DE also?

Yeah He is

Did you try taking off the pedal and seeing if it works with the automatic welds after 2 seconds or whatever it is?

I prefer it like that anyway.

I did not try that because i dont liek it. Do i have to enable it in Firmware?

When i press the foot switch the Green led lights up. So it should weld normaly. Just as if i would auto weld it after two seconds.

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The traces of the pcb got shorted :frowning: Does anybody have a pcb ?