Many Items For Sale; 6374, Belts, mounts, and more

I am rebuilding my first build, and decided to sell off the parts I am replacing. US buyers only. Any items in the pictures not mentioned in the text below have been sold. I have quite a number of things so lets get into it:

A TB 6374. It was having a few issues; it would stutter when I gave it throttle even with no load. If I gave the board a push it would work fine. I was running unsensored. The sensor wires are there, but they have been trimmed short. They are tinned and ready to be soldered to. Here’s a video of the stutter: $55 for the stuttery motor. $10 shipping;

Next are two TB motor mounts. They are the v4 mounts, but one is the old version. They both have philips head hardware for the screws that attach the plate to the clamp, as the old ones stripped out. $45 for the newer mount, and $35 for the older mount. $7 shipping

Wheel pulleys: 20mm 13t, 12mm 16t, 2x 12mm 14t, and a 10mm 14t. $10 each, $5 Shipping.

TB 12mm 36t abec style wheel pulley $20 and $7 shipping.

Two volt meters. Both have a green display. The lunacycle meter displays volts, and the other shows percent. The clear meter is 12s only, as the switch to cycle between voltages has been removed. You could replace it if you wanted to though. The small connector goes with the lunacycle meter. $10 each and $5 shipping.

![IMG_1018|375x500] 3x 12mm 320mm belts, $8 each for the new belts. $3 shipping, and $5 shipping for four or more belts.

This last one isnt really esk8 related, just skate related. A set of gen 5 bear 852 grizzlys. $35 and $15 UPS shipping.

PM for sales and such. Thanks

question sent on motors

The Vesc I bought from you does not work. I have tested my new board with another Vesc and it worked.

Had it working just before I sent it out so don’t try to blame me mate.