Map of community and related DIY RC "support stations" for repair n stuff, be those makerlabs in cities, users with knowledge and tools, something something

Just a shower thought, but If one would go on spend months’ wages for travel and will the board cough, spitter and die/ let the smoke out in some bombcrater, maybe, just maybe we as a community can map out places that one could get something like this fixed…or proper burial at least. Like when a hairy estonian savage would come across the pond to the land of the free and crash his chinese clone/frankenboard in a pothole somewhere he could easily look up either skateshops, makerlabs or nearby users with the possibilities, like I (will) have a little universal composite/basic electronics lab downstairs in my mom’s basement. You never know<:P

Maybe just an add-on to Esk map?

Tell me, hivemind, watcha think of this

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Really? 10 char

Okay okay, I get your point, let me fix that

I think we can incorporate this to our existing esk8 builders map by adding another layer and using different icon.

I should probably modify the way entries are added though. Right now, anyone can edit the map in a way they want and there are some mistakes/vandalism going on I have to fix from time to time ( either by uploading a backup or by deleting layers which are usually a result of user not knowing how to use the software - guess Google needs to improve the UX ).

I will write some code to handle this tomorrow. I may want to code a fully featured website if there is a need for it.

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