Marbel Electric Longboard

Marbel Electric Longboard

-weighs under 10 lbs

This board is surprisingly light. It weighs as much as a non electric bustin board I have.

-carbon fiber and Kevlar deck

-goes 20mph

-distance: 10 real world miles. I average 12

miles and weigh 200lbs

-battery level indicator on top of the deck

-single belt driven motor

-comes with remote and charger.

-there are multiple speed modes that can be set on the board

This board was originally on Kickstarter and cost 999-1200 with a very long wait time.

Get it now for $520 shipped

US only

image image image image image image

how is your average distance longer than the max range?

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Still waiting on mine from 2016 lol. :cry:

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The 10 mile range is given as the advertised “real world” range the board should get. It is advertised as up to 16 miles. I get 12 miles on average. I stay around 15-18mph and don’t have any major hills.

My question is how do you manage cutting you original price in half to what you have now?

The price is lower since It’s a used board now, probably has 200-300 miles on it. I also don’t think that the company is still producing boards, so it might be difficult to get any kind of customer service should you need it in the future.

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Fair enough. Was just curious really.

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I live in Tampa, FL. Marbel is, was, located here and isn’t around anymore, they screwed alot of people, they took their money and people still waiting for boards and refunds, for almost 2 yrs.

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Price dropped to $520 shipped US only

I was thinking of coming out to Tampa to track them down and get my money or product. Your saying the office isn’t even around anymore?