Marbel fix advice for a newcomer!

Hi all!

I’m brand new here but was wondering if I could solicit some advice from you experienced esk8 builders.

I was one of the lucky few to actually receive a functional Marbel board back in the day, and surprisingly, it has served me quite well for serveral years.

Recently however, I got caught in a downpour far from home, was late for something, and so had to keep going…ultimately, I believe some water got into the front switch opening and may have shorted out just the front part that housed the on/off switch, USB port (which i don’t really need), indicator lights, and the charging port. At first, it was still just flashing “error” lights after the incident, which I’d seen in the past before it just fixed itself on a full board reset. But this time it’s just stopped turning on altogether (probably because i can’t charge thru that port anymore, hence no more lights).

Pretty sure all the internal major components are in tact, but can anyone provide a newbie builder some advice on how to replace the component I mentioned?

Attached some pictures of the board and the front component in question for reference. Thanks so much in advance!


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Hi there! My first initial thought was following: Im not an expert as well on Marbel’s, but in my personal opinion, you can start with following: check battery, esc… But im stuck on how to check esc, and i desided to change approach to following: go to your lockal electronics repair shop. If its water damage, thay will find source and if its the part you mentioned, i think there is a way to fix this or change some minor parts. Cant think of other valid way, good luck!)

Yeah, plan on checking the battery today. But again, i really don’t think the internal stuff has any water damage, so I’m not as worried about the ESC. I think it might just be the front piece that got a little too splashed and should be easier to replace (hopefully).

Basically trying to figure out the mapping on that wire hub on it so I can at least get a charge port + button applied

Thanks for the reply!