Marbel Is Back (But this is about the Wheels)

So apparently Marbel is back with Marbel 2.0. That’s cool and all but I’m more interested in their wheel offerings. I was looking through the options and I ran across the “Marbel 101s 75a- 101MM” wheels. Here is a picture and description from the page itself:

So I have an Evolve Carbon GT and was strongly considering the “Abec 11 97mm 75a” wheels until I saw this. I notice the spokes are different - which would cause a problem with the drive gear, but do you guys think with a few modifications the wheels might fit? Also, do you think it would be a noticeable upgrade over the Abec 11s?

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I don’t think it would be a huge upgrade. I’d be worried about the thin core lines on it. They probably attach it with a bearing.

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That hub looks ominously weak.


Once it breaks… at least you got a toothpick :fearful:


I saw this too but this is just a render, let’s wait to see real pictures. and from 97mm 101mm is not much of a difference

Thanks guys for the responses! Yeah I noticed the hub does look extremely weak. I don’t have the 97mm but are there any other suggestions over the 97mm Abecs? I really like the 26mph speed increase and apparently much smoother ride. I want to research a bit more as I originally considered getting a Boosted Dual+ but with a bit of research ended up getting the Carbon GT. Any competitors or options other than the Abec 11s?

why others, Abecs are the best. You can go cheaper with clones and MBS all-terrain but that’s it

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@VikasG abec also makes “electric flywheels” that are 107mm. They are hard to find. From there you can go up in size with pneumatics or with the Donka wheel.

When I first saw the marbel wheel above I was intrigued but it’s not large enough to be preferable over the 97mm flywheel.

I have 97mm flywheel clones and they seem good so far.

I heard the 107mm Abec 11s don’t fit the GT board (can someone confirm?). If they do I would pay ridiculous amounts just to own them. Also, I heard the 97mm clones are super hard and feel horrible to ride on.

Wow, they actually managed to get rid of the biggest advantage of big wheels, thick urethane.

@VikasG There is no “the clone” I have seen pretty good ones, and I had some that split in half on the first ride. In the moment I use the ones from the @ajaynagra Group buy, which are pretty good and offer a smooth ride.

And, yes, the 107mm Flywheels have a slightly different core, that doesn’t fit the insert style pulleys Evolve uses.

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Wait what group buy? I checked the website and I couldn’t find anything about wheels. I’m honestly just looking for the biggest wheels that fit onto the standard 32T gear that comes with the street board. I’d prefer to use the AT tires only during off-road sessions.

Still havent used my pair yet :slight_smile:

My group buy are for clones

I don’t mind as long as they are good clones. But where can I arrange/join this group buy?

If you are EU Based:

USA based:

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Search forum for 107mm and you will find threads where we have modified ABEC 107mm electric flywheels for evolve carbon GT and marvel decks. It’s awesome.

Those wheels look dope! like rollin on DUBs. Quite honestly more than I was expecting. I cant wait to try them. Very Spinal Tap to make it 101mm

I modified the 107mm flywheels for the Marbel and CGT and I have to say what sucks most about them is the weight even when I cut off 25% off the urethane. Urethane is heavy and now I understand why urethane wheels don’t come much bigger than that. What matters most is the diameter of the wheel for getting over big cracks. it seems Marbel is using much less thane to keep it light. When the Marbel 2.0 board is 10 pounds adding 107mm wheels makes it so much heavier like you put off road tires on a Lambo. I think these 101mm wheels should be light and compliment it nicely.



Wait you modified the electric flywheels to fit the Evolve GT? If so, what kind of speed are you getting? Do you think its worth it over getting 97mm wheels?

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The GT is so heavy anyway the 107 weight doesn’t make as much of a difference but they are better than the 97 if you don’t mind the weight. I used an electric plane. You can find the thread under Marbel.

Lol those actually look like car wheels