Mark 48 | Landyachtz Evo 39" 2018 | FatBoy TB218 Drivetrain | Fatboy SolidCore WheelHubs | 6.5" Trampa | APS 8072S165kv 6kW | FatBoy HV ESC | 18S10P Panasonic PF

It’s just phrase used then fighting non existing enemies and etc :wink: In my case I am fighting the idea that Trampa is off road board and I try to make it street :wink:


First part is here :blush: TB218 trucks from @JonathanLau1983 Thanks man :wink:


Thanks for buying them. Can’t wait to see them with the Fatboy drive on a Landyatch!

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So you need a gold and red enclosure right?

Dont know yet, do you have something to recommend? I am for sure will try to re-anodize Dual FocBox in Red and get gold bolts :stuck_out_tongue: Should look sick… Also will try to get wheel hubs powder coated in red and all other parts in red which are anodizeable like drive train base plate and etc :stuck_out_tongue:

I could make the evo enclosure in red. I’ve also got some gold power which I’ve not yet used too much in any of the moulds. 54 This enclosure but red/gold.


The problem is that my batteries are not 18650 but lipo packs… I would need like 35mm height inside… Plus what length and width inside your enclosure? Don’t know yet clearance from ground so hard to imagine as I don’t have neither board or anything to compare.

Ah, this one was made with 25mm internal. The risers on my build are 12mm, the wheels are 97mm and the clearance as it sits is 55mm. I do have an enclosure I made for the LY 9two5 which is 40mm internal which I’ve used with lipos. It may fit this deck. Internal sizes 545mm 145mm 40mm

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uhh too narrow I need like 180mm

Did some photoshop while waiting for parts :smiley:



Dual FocBox case in red with gold bolts should look perfect :stuck_out_tongue:


and something like this with the wheel hubs… (Maybe if possible make star part in gold and outer in red don’t know if it would be possible I going to ask when I will sent for paining :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hang on a second, if you’re Tony Stark,Audrius must be Morgan Freeman :rofl: Nice colour scheme but stealth level zero

Who said I am doing stealth build? :smiley:

P.S. You don’t remember history :smiley: Not Morgan Freeman but Obadiah Stane :smiley:

Fair enough,might as well go the whole hog and get the ‘real’ suit too,handy for rainy days

I think I got mixed up with Bat Man

OMG man… :smiley: If that stuff had paddings I would say why not :smiley:

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You can insert paddings, I have a lot of spare motorbike protectors for elbows/knees/back made from this stuff. I recommend this type of padding if you ever have an accident it feels very soft &flexible but the propertychanges should a force impact it it hardens at teh point of the force…best amour there is.

was in Rukka bike gear, very top drawer

Today I received my package…

Damn LY Evo is amazing the sturdiness and the shape is

So yeah the only problem it took awhile to figure out which truck is 44 and which is 50 :smiley: from side they look similar

Bushings came only in two pieces so thanks god I could buy other for the end. I also ordered some amazon 70mm longboard wheels to feel the deck… It’s amazing.

The only shitty thing I discovered that Caliber paints are really easy to scratch so the color don’t last long I guess…

The red and gold color scheme looks awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Changed the cups to RipTide ones

TB218 hanger looks pretty long compared to 70mm wheels

Original Caliber bushing washers did not fit over RiptTide Canon bushings so I used ones from TB218 fitter perfect but needed to squeeze hard to put nut on

Overall feels great :slight_smile:


don’t forget to use Gold Bolts wherever you can :wink:

Nice build btw !