Mark 48 | Landyachtz Evo 39" 2018 | FatBoy TB218 Drivetrain | Fatboy SolidCore WheelHubs | 6.5" Trampa | APS 8072S165kv 6kW | FatBoy HV ESC | 18S10P Panasonic PF

After playing with Trampas I think I am just fighting with windmills with those problems… So I starting making normal Longboard build with AT wheels using our 1:3 gear drive.


I will need a really big help on this build as I have zero understanding about normal trucks and etc. I will be using Landyachtz Evo 39" deck (I like its form and I see it was proven as a good base for @mmaner @Deckoz) So I will going to get TB218 trucks don’t know about the front as I saw that @Deckoz uses the different one I am interested how different width works out. Also if it is going to work with pneumatic wheels. I can modify ET of the wheel but still have no idea about this. Also all pivot cups, barrels and wedges… So that’s all regarding mechanics.


I will reuse everything mostly from Trampa build, dual Focboxes in our dual finned case, nano-x remote, HM-10 Bluetooth module (thinking of getting metr maybe as esk8 vesc app has so many flaws regarding staying on and recording) I am still working on esc/bms but I should use them later on this build.


I still don’t know what I am going to do I need to fit 8 packs somewhere have no idea if it going to fit underdeck right now I will just put them on top of the deck like I always do


  • 39" Landyachtz Evo '18 Skate and Explore
  • 218 Torqueboard Trucks
  • FatBoy TB218 Drive Train
  • 4 x FatBoy Solid Core WheelHub with custom ET for TB218 and drivetrain
  • 4 x 6.5" Trampa tires
  • 2 x APS 8072S 165kv 6kW
  • 2 x FatBoy HV ESC
  • CNC machined X for front trucks yet to design
  • 180 x Panasonic PF in 18S10P configuration

So if anyone has any suggestion which cups/wedges and etc to use on trucks and etc I will be really thankful.


There’s a few things to bring up the quality, I’ll edit with suggestions I came across

DIY hanger plugs. What these do is cause the hanger to rotate in a more accurate axis around the kingpin. A good thing, more precision.

Riptide pivot cups 96a

Bushings - Alphamail: ‘TB218’s come with 90a cones / barrels’.

Select type of bushings for style and your weight, discussed by alphamail in several posts to this thread


Dewedging - You can direct swap the torqueboards baseplate for Caliber baseplates which gives you the option to run a 44deg rear and a 50deg front. I’d suggest buying an entire single 10" truck in one angle and just the baseplate from the other angle(e.g. 44 truck & 50 plate), that way you have not only the option to run a dewedged rear but also to run a normal length front hanger which would aid turning radius, others have tried that and ran up to the speeds you are suggesting without wobble. If you like that you have a spare 218 for the next build or a very desirable sellable item.

@Deckoz has done the following with the evo

…a Randal baseplate is another option 35deg but it’s not as accurate a fit as the Caliber and probably of no interest with an Evo deck, Im waiting on new pivot cups by riptide for my Randal plates to try to mesh with a tipped deck

In fact there an entire thread you should consume for angles


Everything what you wrote is like deep forest for me… :smiley:


What do you weigh?

We know you commute very fast through central London fast and like to be able to turn quickly

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I weight ~83kg. I do commute long distance ~13km one way fast depends on traffic but like avg max speed is like 30-40km depends how board feels if I feel stable maybe I would go faster as there roads are basically straight no cars just bicycles… I do not do quick turns, but I do a lot of slow almost instant 90 degree turns now I need to rotate my board (two way big roads crossings has the islands where you need to walk from one side to another.

S’good you can get everything needed to make this an extremely stable and fast platform on this deck and trucks.

I’ll let the folks who are already running this chime in

I bought everything I needed from : links incoming


Cool man I really appreciate it :wink:


So my build… With TB218 before the raked surfrodz in the front. Was setup as

TB Hangar, 44 Caliber Baseples, 6 degree dewedge on 89a boardside barrel, 86a roadside barrel, precision cups top and bottom. For 53 degrees up front.

Evo +15, truck +44, -6 wedge =53°

Rear TB hangar, 50 Baseplate, 89a barrel top and bottom precision cups, 1/2" riser. For 35° rear

Evo -15, truck +50 = 35°

With the surfrodz up front its, Evo+15, 50, -6 = 59° +3mm rake.

I weigh 130lb…

My buddy pshaw runs 50 Baseplate all around, just riser, for 65/35, with 95b/93r barrel and cups in rear, and 93b/90r up front. And weighs 200lb


Thanks @Deckoz for the info.

I just tried @darkkevind deck similar to evo… My feet felt like straight at home it was amazing how good it felt… That makes me even more want to get this project done…


It’s a lovely deck :+1:

Good to meet you dude :wink:


Okay just ordered the deck, bushings and trucks.

  • Bones Super Reds Bearings
  • Riptide Pivot Cups (set of 2) - Durometer : 96A, Type : Caliber II
  • Caliber II Fifty 10" Truck - Color : Satin Gold
  • Caliber II Fifty 10" Truck - Color : Satin Red
  • Caliber II Forty-Four 10" Truck - Color : Satin Gold
  • Riptide KranK Canon Bushings - Durometer : 93A
  • Riptide KranK StreetFatCone Bushings - Durometer : 93A
  • Bear Hardware Flathead - Length : 1.5"
  • Landyachtz Evo Skate & Explore - Deck Only

Just in case you wonder. I will running Gold Baseplate and Red hangers in Mark 48 color scheme :wink:

Also got TB218 trucks from @JonathanLau1983

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Now Question of the day how to paint TB218 hanger in red :smiley: to match Satin Red on Caliber :smiley:

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Sand it first, you wanna rough up all the be painting surface.

Buy high temp epoxy in whatever color you want then…

Tape the axles Bend a coat hanger hold the hanger by the axles where you taped Hang it up in a dust free and wind free location. Spray multiple light coats.


Vinyl wrap?

I thought 6374 motors did not fit the 180mm caliber trucks?

In the rear will be tb218 hanger :wink:


If someone still wonders what Mark 48 means :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still wondering what this means. Is it a British colloquialism?

And if that doesn’t feel right for you, you can switch to a 218 on the front as well.

If it does, you have a spare 218 for the next build (disease).

Enertion do this essentially & some folks who have posted builds, so it’s a real possibility


Google Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

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