Mark II | Banjo Board Co | VESC 10S Lipo 190Kv | 3d printed PETg enclosures

I’ll be gutting my old board that I’ve had about 6 months, and building the Mark II. Old build thread

The enclosure design was done by someone on this forum i believe, but i can’t​ remember who! They were designed for vanguard boards, but I thought they’d do for this one that i had made by Banjo board co. They were printed in halves and I’ll need to join them using a solvent.

Any advice on connecting the battery/BMS at the top to the vesc at the bottom would be appreciated! Some kind of conduit drilled into the grip tape side or something?


So that I didn’t have to drill deep channels for wire, I used some copper braiding wrapped in electrical tape sealed into the board.

Copper braiding:

wrapped and glued into channels I chiseled out:

flattened out with wood filler (also added t-nuts for enclosures):

Grip tape on and enclosures fitted!


Please find out who printed the enclosure for you. I’m interested.

Eboosted sells fibreglass versions

Quality workmanship. I’m using one myself.

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I had them modified from designs I found on thingiverse to fit 5s lipos. Then printed by a great guy on

I realised I never finished this thread, too much fun riding I guess…

I didn’t even take a picture of the finished board, but my enclosure has fallen apart, the guy was supposed to do 100% infill on the print but it wasn’t. That could have been the cause, or perhaps 3d printing is not the way to go…

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