Massive upgrade Ego 2 to with Mellow Drive

Ego 2 had always issues. I was able to use it for 5 months. It died the last time last week. I even got an ECU upgrade which also did not work(suspect due to shortcut in the motor).

Now thinking to buy a mellow drive. Which parts can I salvage in Ego2?

Right now the front trunk and the battery looks ok. But really don’t know what to do.

Can I use that battery to recharge anything like my mifi unit ? Can I use the front trunk or would there be a balance issue ?

Mellow Drive

Ego 2

This site looks promising as there is live chat. They might help me build it. products/torque-dual-hub-motor-kit

Mellow is cool and all. But if you got that kind of cash to spend you’d get a killer board that mellow cant match. Given that you’d be willing to do the DIY work.


Theoretically you could only re-use the deck and the front truck + wheels.

Though the wheels of the mellow drive are currently only available in 80mm so it will definatly feel odd with bigger wheels at the front. Aparrently they’re about to release some 90mm ones, that would match your ego 2 wheels a lot better.

You can charge any USB Device with the battery, but they don’t mention anything about fast changing, so it might take a while.

I had the chance to drive a mellow board this weekend, they’re heaps of fun, feel super solid and high quality. But as most people on this forum, for me DIY is the way to go. It would be a dream if Mellow would sell these nice Hubs detached…

I dont wanna die with a custom board. Even having issues restoring the ego2. After i burned the ecu with a faulty motor. I realize that this is not as easy as i thought. Also there is risk factor involved with the skateboards.

Here is the guy build it him self. I do not have the tools he has.

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after ego 2 failed with the motor and the ecu. I could not find reliable hub motor a kit to replace it myself.

Some kits I have found are like 300 Pounds. So it looks like i would lose more money not having something solid.

Also building something waterproof and changeable battery looks time consuming.

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