Master Evo | Landyachtz | ABEC 107| 13S5P | FocBox | 6374 190kV | metr

It looks wicked fast!

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It’s a sleeper for sure :wink: Sensored FOC, silent until I open her up, and it’s screams. :wink: @LAVAMAN


What angled riser should I get for a Landyachtz Evo Falcon?

The Evo decks are already angled. You don’t need angled risers

I know some people don’t like 65/35 split so I was thinking of doing 60/35 or 55/35. I’m not sure if it’ll make much of a difference though

60 with raked trucks feels great. Prefer 50-55 upfront with rakeless.

I use 50° baseplate up front with a 6° dewedge. And rear a 50° baseplate on half inch riser. For raked+3 59°/35° rakeless

When I had the 218 up front and not the surfrodz rkp. I ran 44° caliber baseplate on 218s with a 6° dewedge, and same rear as above for rakeless all around 53°/35°


I have 218mm Torqueboards trucks and I already have half inch risers, should I buy a 6° angled riser pad (is that what you mean by “dewedge”?) for my front trucks? If so do you have any links?

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If you have 218’s pick up some 44 caliber basplate, the kingpin is pressed in instead of loose, so you’ll get rid of some slop, and I’m using a Bolzen 6° wedge riser.

Rayne sells bamboo angled risers if you cannot find Bolzen wedges. If you don’t want to get 44 plates, Bolzen makes a 12 wedge too.

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I need me some bamboo angled risers, be perfect for my fortune

sk8kings sells heaps of khiro angled/wedge risers, that is what most of the slalom guys seem to use?

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Yea I just was always to lazy to calculate the angle of khiros because it’s the two heights. Instead of the angle… lol

But yeah rayne sells 1-9° bamboo :wink:


mmm… 9 degree, would get me 54/16, that’s in my ball park :heart_eyes: i bet the bamboo dampens things nicely too…

rode my 45/25 ronins home in the rain last night, thing was glued down, so predictable :steam_locomotive: was on rails

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Would just a 6° wedge riser be enough? I don’t want to pick up a new baseplate haha

6° puts you at 59, maybe grab a couple bamboo angled risers from rayne and test it

Guess no more 1, 4, 6, 8 or 9 :confused:


Hey so how did you mount the enclosure to the deck? I don’t see any inserts on the top side of the board.

Do you have a link for those?

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@BruSkater I think I posted or others have posted most of the information in this thread :slight_smile:


i have those inserts. i am hesitant to use them out of fear of them snapping while screwing them in.

edit: epic write up on how to drill the holes!

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Do what others have suggested, insert a bolt with two nuts, and let the actual threads hold the tool instead of a hex drive

And thanks :slight_smile:


good tip! two of mine snapped right at that spot…

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And they are a PIA to remove.

I use these now:

But you need to use epoxy when installing them or they could strip off the deck