Master Evo | Landyachtz | ABEC 107| 13S5P | FocBox | 6374 190kV | metr

Yea yea… Your probably sayin’ dude your not even done your Icarus. My buddy @pshaw ordered a Landyachtz Evo back in November. I stood on it, and I couldn’t unfeel the feels.

So I started two builds to be finished around the same time(end of Jan/beginning of February). The super cruiser and the bomber. Or :

Darth Icarus & Master Evo

Here goes nothing it’s all a Jedi mind trick


  • 39.5" Landyachtz Evo '17 Skate and Explore
  • 218 Torqueboard Trucks -Riptide Riot Plugs
  • Blood Orange Barrels Roadside (83A Front, 86A Rear) w/ Atopic Precision Cup Washer
  • Blood Orange Wedges Boardside 86A w/ Blood Orange Wedges Washer
  • 2x Entertion Focbox
  • 13S5P Samsung 30Q
  • 13s 5A Fast Charger
  • Micro BMS
  • MetroBoard 36T CNC Press in Pulleys 20mm
  • Abec 107 SuperFlys
  • 15T 20mm
  • Bronson G3 Bearings
  • Photon Remote @Wajdi
  • Custom Evo Enclosure from @Eboosted
  • Custom X Braces from @akhlut
  • Torqueboard 63mm Motor Mounts
  • 2x TorqueBoard 6374 Motors
  • HTD5-265-20 Belts


I love the evo deck wish I would have gone 13s, seems to run okay ,what’s your thoughts on the evo deck clearance, am currently building a 4wd carvon XL build I got the evo deck and wheels just waiting On the battery to be shipped 12s6p 30q BMS bypassed and the focbox to be shipped from cyber Monday, has 13s given you any troubles? Seems like your also buildimg a gnarly build tho props :+1:

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Ahh man I live in LA riding in town is a bitch on streets and on the rode there’s no difference bad grounds :expressionless::joy:


13S! You are going to blow uppppppppppppppp

Also wtf you seriously did that car jack thing!!! You crazy…

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I scratched my brand new enclosure going off the corner of a little sidewalk literally the first ride. And I have mad risers and 107s on mine.

Double stacked cells are going to be problematic, even more so if you live in an area with shitty streets.


I wouldn’t guess THAT!


Chiboards gave me a option how I wanted it longer and thinger on hieght or more height and less length I chose more length well c how that works out

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lovin these 13s builds cant wait for the 14s ones lol. hmm 13s jet spud triple stacked lol think id fly literally

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13s Dude that’s Sick,

You should write 13s on your board >:)

Raising standards here.


+1 Just for that.


To be fair its a 4wd carvon xl build, going to push it to the limits and see where that goes. barajabali is making me the battery he already ordered the cells.

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How did you do your enclosure?? It looks so clean! well done!

That’s one sleek enclosure :heart_eyes: @Eboosted knows his stuff.


I am trying not to drool on your enclosure. I have to learn this. My enclosure looks like a stray dog and yours looks like it just won best in show.


Nice looking build can’t wait to see this in action

@longhairedboy here’s that load tester you wanted lol, just apply the brakes for varying load. Sorry for a bit off topic


13S is fine. I am running that but you do get VESC shutoffs when breaking at high speeds at full battery.:sweat_smile:

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Hey, are you still looking for two 6374? I’ll get you them for $200. PM me for details:grin:

how are you progressing with your build? i’m curious to see how you’re going to set up your charge port, battery meter and power switch.

My evo enclosure comes tomorrow, can’t wait!

Flown in directly from Peru! :joy: @Eboosted

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