Matrix 2 Pro Top Truck

So i broke my MBS matrix 2 nylon top truck thing. And…i can’t find the replacement part anywhere!?

The metal one (out of stock) just says matrix 2 compatible, and the nylon one explicitly says not compatible with the pro?

Anyone got one, or is the two i linked to compatible?

I own:



Yes both of the ones you linked are compatible. The matrix pro that is not compatible is an older truck sometimes called matrix pro 1. The plastic (nylon) ones are known to break especially on eskate applications. Etoxx makes a nice metal one if you want a durable option since the metal ones from mbs are out of stock. The nylon one you linked will work but it may fail on you so be careful and inspect it regularly if you go that route. Good luck

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Thanks! That’s a bit confusing lol…

Doing the nylon for now, and i’ll get the metals when i’ve got more cash to spare. Thanks!

Sorry if it was a bit confusing maybe this will help a little. image The trucks in the picture top to bottom are matrix pro, matrix or matrix lite and matrix 2. The nylon one you linked works for the bottom one that you have.

Almost forgot. In case you don’t have it:


That’s a discount code for the mbs site that MBS has given to the forum!