Matrix ll + angled riser 10 degree

Hi everyone , fews month ago l think l already ask this question but never find my answer. But Anyway l have a basic mbs mtb with ats 12 trucks and 20 degree tip angle but l want to upgrade with matrix ll metal version. So can use a angled riser of 10 degree ? Also is it the same bolt patern ? Thank you

Hi Celica, you can do that with risers. There are also designs on thingiverse to use or you could buy then from nowind

Same bolt pattern yes

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Hi, l remember you ! You are machinist builder l really love your projects ! Thank you ! Do you do some job for the folks here ? I also need precision drilling holes for my wheel sprockets for my rockstar 2 . because they are off set and my chain is become stiff every half rotation :smile:

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I have a cheap press drill but the shaft is very loose and l dont want a buy a new one just for making 2 chain sprocket

Matrix2 angle riser you can find here

If you have any questions to them, i‘m sure @Nowind is willing to answer them for you :wink:


Thanks but I think you are confusing me with the talented Mr @Nowind

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Sorry l have so much difficulty to read with my mobile phone on this forum :joy:

Wow very nice stuff they have ! But how much it will cost in canadian money?

Ok thanks everyone

Hey (-: I can confuse people very good , but how i did you ? Cheers :beers:

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I am bit confused here , do l need -10 or + 10 degree?

add 10 degree…

edit though i would check with @Nowind before ordering.

Thank you,

What you wanna do?

  • minus “-” will reduce tip angle

  • plus “+" will increase tip angle

More Angle more steering but also less stable

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So my 20 degree tip is ok at highspeed ? I ride at 30 and l do carving and full speed is 54kp/h