Max size wheel pulley usable with 83mm wheels?

So I’m thinking, does anyone have a recommendation on how big the wheel pulley can be in relation to the wheel?

I’m currently using a 42T pulley on a 83mm wheel, but I’d prefer more torque and less top speed.

I have a photo of the clearance of pulley/ground.20190217_225512 I have a feeling that I can’t go bigger, but figured I’d ask.

I’d like to go bigger, but without prematurely breaking the belt.

My full setup is Single drive 190kv, 10s, 12/42 gearing, 83mm wheels with circumference at 260mm and theoretical top speed is too fast for me.

I just wanna cruise :slight_smile:

Hi there i had a similar setup to yours gearing wise. Always liked more torque I had the 12tooth on the motor and 40 on the wheel… 230kv motor. But on 6s was pretty good prob about the same in relation To my higher speed motor and your more cells. U could try 6s but wiil pull more amps and get hotter.Another idea go to htd 3m which has smaller tooth pitch count but more of them for there size so u can get a high ratio with out using a massive pulley. Will prob need to go wider tho. Kinda like bench wheel skateboard serup.

change to htd 3m 15-20mm

Well I’m currently using HTD 5M 15mm, but I don’t see anyone that even sells 3M belts. And it has to be within EU for customs reasons.

But would it even make a difference if I went to a 3M belt? What gearing would be possible? How small could the motor pulley be without slipping?

  • What gearing do you guys have?

Got an 8mm motor shaft too, gotta fit that.

In this forum in search type bench wheel It has a htd 3m pulleys. The rear is 48 tooth but its about the size of a normal htd 36 tooth. That gives a good amount of room for clearance. Nood to go wide tho those teeth are tiny.

Hey @bjorn, somewhere recently on the forums someone is making aluminum wheel pulleys for very small wheels, maybe that would be a better choice for you as it makes it standard :wink:

e: its @okp!

I wouldn’t recommend that, I suffered a lot with it in my first build, unless your pulley is perfectly centered and your mount really stiff you will have problems with it skipping teeth and also you have to run pretty high belt tension

I do not run a hight belt tensionon my build with htd3. I would reccomend an idler though. Yes alignment is important too

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So I 3d printed a HTD 5M 44 tooth wheel pulley and that gave a lot more torque than 40t.

So power wise I’ll probably be good with a 44t and not bigger.

I think HTD 3M is too small an odd to get a hold of. Haven’t found it in any online stores yet.

My concern was mainly with the ground clearance but I guess I’ll just try it and see how long the belt survives.

An idler sounds like a good idea though! Two bearings should be fine for that right?