Max thickness of motor mount (motor plate)

Hi guys!

I’m wanting to build my own motor mount and managed to get hold of a piece of 10mm aluminum. My plan is to make a mount consisting out of three pieces, two for the clamp plus one motor plate… pretty much like most of the other ones you can see on here.

However, I’m wondering if 10mm might be too thick for that purpose. The clamp part should be fine, I’m worried about the motor plate, though. I will be using a Turnigy SK3 6374 and a 15mm belt (don’t know the exact width of the motor pulley). Will the shaft be long enough for the 10mm plate so I can still attach the pulley properly and if so, could the space between the motor and pulley cause me some trouble? I know it’s usually smarter to have the pulley as close to the motor as possible

Making a thinner plate would take me more time, which I’d definitely like to save. Any input is appreciated…



In my opinion 6-7mm is enough. 10mm is overkill

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I made my mounts out of 8mm thick alu. Single piece. And it is excessively hard

You need to keep the motor plate thickness down because of the short axle length. 10mm is going to be too thick with 15mm belts if you use the stock axle

I use the Turnigy SK3-6374 with 15mm belts. But my motor plate is only .25" (6.4mm). The flange on the motor pulley has ~1mm of clearance from the plate, and the pulley is still hangs off the axle about 2-3mm. If your plate was 10mm thick, the pulley would be overhang about 7mm. It might work, but half of the pulley would be completely unsupported

and to add to that, i would imagine that would be a good way to bend your motor shaft

Best thing if your Motor plate is relatively thick is to get a motor Gear that has no Hub,… set screw is between 2 teeth. That will allow you to get around 4mm closer to motor plate

Thanks for all the replies!

Looks like there is a strong conssensus… Definitely don’t want to bend my motor shaft or have an unsupported pulley! I will then try to make the motor plate out of carbon and glass fiber to keep it thinner.

1/2" Aluminum and 3mm stainless steel give me room for Motor pulley

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Hey riders ! Cool project !! I make my custom one too (here, so for a little more inspiration - AL 7075 12mm Good continuation :wink:


12mm and 6mm