Maxfind C internals

Hi, Just a post to share pics of the inside of a Maxfind C.

10s1p battery pack with built in charging bms, connected to all in one esc + remote receiver. IMG_20190214_120606 IMG_20190214_120601 IMG_20190214_120553 IMG_20190214_120545


maxfi…what?. What kind of dating app is this. Does it max my findings? Does the C stand for Coitus? sign me up


I expected MUCH worse, i had a maxfind as my first board…

Back to amazons warehouse in 2 days :wink:

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Admittedly the esc on this died in 2 days BUT they are sending a replacement.

It was cheap enough that I intend to replace with vesc and custom 10s pack over time.

I only want a small/light/neat/cheap board where most esk8s cost £1000 and weigh a ton.

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