May tech motor sensor wire colour code

I’m case any one els is struggling to fined the what cable is what on May-tech sensored motors and may fined this useful.

Red - 5v+ Yellow - Temp Orange - Hall 1 Brown - Hall 2 Green - Hall 3 Black - Ground -


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Is it the same order as all other major motors?

Hi, and thanks to everybody in this forum, thanks to you I have made a great mountainboard!

About the sensor wires, I had some troubles a few weeks ago, I tried to do the sensors detection on 2 brand new motors I bought on amazon. It was impossible, so I checked on this forum and found some people that had the same trouble with maytech motors, but no solution.

I finally found the solution: the orange wire was the positive and the red was one of the sensors.

I precise that my motors are not Maytech but it’s also a chinese brand so maybe it’s the same problem…