Mayflex meet Trampa wings | 12S4P 6384

Having built myself the cheapest esk8 MTB I could mix up 6 months ago, using the best of Aliexpress to get me rolling. I decided it deserved an upgrade. So I set out to find out how many Trampa parts I needed to make this thing cool. image

And so it begins.


My old spring retainers had penny washers behind them, so tight corners ended up sounding like I was shaking a bag of coins. So they had to get upgraded. Trampenstein Trucks here I come.

I had to get some new bushings turned to match these hangers. I changed the layout to ensure plastic-plastic contact was made (like Trampa), as opposed to the single bushing metal-plastic-metal my Mayflex truck had, probably why it had grinded itself loose after 6 months of abuse.


All in pursuit of using my old motor mounts and wheels. image

Having rubbed my last BMS case through a Balance cable on my last ride, it was time to re-box my 12S4P 21700 Battery Pack, and ditch the 120A Charge/Discharge BMS in favour of Charge only setup. image image image

My friend pointed out half way through how toy my wheels looked, so it was time to jazz them up with a bit of Hydro-dipping.

image image image

We noticed how much narrower the wheels were, luckily I also had some spare thread on the back axle, so I printed a wheel spacer to lower the pose.
image image

Wasn’t as much as I hoped, but certainly helped the rear tube inflate more. image

Let’s put this thing together then…. image image image image image image image image

And don’t forget my 3D printed remote case, Printed on the Elegoo Mars in a rubber-like material

And it even made it out for a sunset ride image

Don’t worry Mr. Trampa, you won’t be out of pocket my next build’s all your parts!


Hahah good job. This is what happens when someone says “I have a koolwheel, how can I make it better?” Well… :rofl:

That was an awesome conversion. Great job!

Oh No. Tragedy stuck today, when it decided to full throttle into the wall while sitting down for a beer.

Skid marks to show for it.

Time to crack the JB weld?