Maytech 12s ESC NEW firmware to fix the brakes!

Hi guys I have a Trampa eMTB and am using the Maytech 12s ESC for it. They were working really amazingly except for the brakes being way too strong and not adjustable. After finding many had the same issue and it wasnt fixable i was going to send them back. But i tried one last effort. This post is going to save anyone with this same issue so dont throw out those esc yet! @mccloed @JLabs @Nowind @squad @Kaly

Fist of all this Maytech esc is same exact esc that TB is selling and the same as 12s FVT esc (Sleeping Lion) also. The only version with bad brakes is the Maytech one. So in the future I suggest buying the ESC direct from FVT for a much cheaper price than Maytech sells them and without the brakes issue.

So on to how to fix the problem…I had to contact the engineer at Shenzen FVT company (the guy that actually invented and maintains the firmware of this ESC). I cant say enough how helpful and nice he was. We worked together for many hours over Skype in the middle of my night in NY (since that’s when hes working). He sent me many custom edited version of firmware and waited for me in between so i could test it and report back to him. After may hours (5am) he finally dialed in the firmware to be perfect.

Finally some satisfaction and we got normal progressive and adjustable brake!!! :smile:

Just upgrade to the firmware below and set your brake force. Enjoy your brakes!!!


Thanks for mentioning me in this post! My friend from poland (@idea at ES) had chat with exactly the same guy from FVT and finally got probably the same firmware. My only concern is if this firmware will work with sensored motors too, as far as I know FVT 12S ESC does not have port for hall sensors.

I asked him about it. First he send me a car port without sensors and then he changed it cuz i asked. He said it will work with sensors also.

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Dang ok then. Thanks for the hard work and long hours, your the real mvp.

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That’s GREAT, I will give it a shot in near future, I got one of my maytech ESCs back after repair and have to rebuild my board (also need to upgrade chain to 25H instead of 6x2,8mm). Thanks a lot! So You normally upgraded firmware by USB programmer and an app (do You have any new version of it, I have the one maytech sent me)?

Thanks for posting the firmware

Thanks for your work on this problem. Actually i send the Sensor System back to China, so no change to test right now. Greetz Jenso

You guys are very welcome, its the least i could give back to this community. Now everyone can ride safely with your new brakes :wink:

I have the USB link and software from Maytech. That software is made by FVT also. So you don’t need anything else.

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Is this the esc your talking about?

I thought airplane esc’s didn’t have breaks in the first place…

I think that’s the same one TB sells with SimonK firmware. If yes then it is the same.

This is the one on FVT’s page: Then you just have to load the firmware on it.

Does anyone know about flashing an ESC? There are some cheaper ESCs like this:

They run the same Silabs MCU as the one discussed in this thread. I know they can be flashed with BLHeli and .HEX files, but no idea how one would go about trying to flash one with a .HGM file.

Thanks, Dude! I’ll have to try this out when I get back from AZ. I went back and forth with the sales person from FVT who was going back and forth with the engineer. I got a couple of firmwares out of him but nothing that fixed the brakes. Way to go!


Any results yet?

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Hey that’s good results. Not sure about your issues. I’m not having any with random brakes or not synchronized beeping. Try using my settings below. I didn’t like very slow acceleration. much better set to high. also make sure to set your trim on the remote properly. Also make the neutral range less if the delay is annoying. I’m using 190kv motors not sensored and a 15/ 65 gearing