Maytech Dual VESC

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Seems like 2018 is the year of Dual Vesc’s.


$250 for a dual vesc 4.12? Can’t you get 2 maytech singles for like $200? I guess you get an anti-spark but who knows if it’s any good…

And it doesn’t come with a heat sink.

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No deal. That colour doesn’t match my underwear.


i honestly don’t get this dual vesc hype. like yeah it’s cool and you don’t need a canbus cable but if you fry one side of the board, you have to replace the whole board. rather than disconnecting the dud and replacing it. ik ik you can run it as a single driver only but like why? i get why people do have em but the form factor is really just a tiny bit bigger for 2 escs like eh? yall get me? :joy:


It looks like they literally took 2x 4,12 and stick them together. Not even bothered to change PCB layout?


correct 10char Even cheaper solution :smiley:

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Good morning all. Personally I do not recommend this vesc. I bought it from maytech and it never worked properly. I contacted Eileen su customer service, they were very friendly but unable to correct the problems. here I am with 250 euros less in my wallet and a stopped mountainboard. Balance sheet I will have to shell out more money to buy maybe those from Trampa.