Maytech Hub Motor, VESC and Truck Review

Awesome review man I think I’m about to get a pair

@willpark16 are these the same as the ones on eBay i sent you earlier? They look awful similar. Where to buy these maytech?

@willpark16 if you do buy them, email [email protected] and order them that way, it’s cheaper and shipping was really fast.

How much???

Yea how much

@ATLesk8 @willpark16 this is what they emailed me

90mm hub motor: US$89/pcs Rear truck for dual hub motors: US$26/pcs Remote MTSKR1712: US$37.5/pcs VESC: US$89/pcs Dual ESC: US$73/pcs Front truck: US$26/pcs 90mm wheels with bearings: US$8.99/pcs Shipping cost: by UPS: US$42.6

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The dual set with front truck and wheels was $167 shipped

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Those are not Maytech hub motors though. They look similar though they have different connectors and no JST plug on the sensors.

They may not have plugs but I can’t believe that these aren’t nearly identical and come off the same assembly line.

Nice to see the review. I have this hubs in black, but for some missing parts i still havent finished my build. I’m going for 10s tho.

Thanks for linking to my video review :slight_smile: Here are the photos of the internals.


can you fill us in with more opinion of the motors @kaspars

Didn’t you also make a video where you used an angle grinder to make these hubs fit onto a regular skate truck ? That was a great video. How is that holding up ? By the way you should make more videos, you’re good at it.

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Yes, I did :slight_smile: Glad you enjoy them. The next video is going to be about me riding those trucks with the 70mm Maytech hubs.


Update #4

Big news, reconfigured my 6S2P pack into a 12S1P at 5Ah and WOW does this thing fly! I’ve gotten upto 35MPH and wow does it feel like it. However the downside is its incredibly inefficient, im talking 30A battery current at full throttle compared to the 6-8A cruising at 20-25mph. To be fair these motors arent meant for more than 10S and I knew that going into this. I also noticed that the torque, acceleration and braking power is not as strong as it was at 6S so thats another downside I didn’t expect. I also changed some of my motor settings like going from Sensored to Hybrid mode which I highly recommend doing as its way more efficient at high speeds, I cant even imagine the current draw in sensored mode at full throttle. Overall im happy I swapped to 12S even though my range and acceleration will be a bit reduced. Below are some pics of the new and organized(ish) internals and pics of my settings.

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I just bought these from banggood for $ 140.00 . They look almost identical and I will dissassemble and compare them to the pics @kaspars posted. I am under the impression that these come from whatever factory is making these hubs for Maytech and at $ 140 for a set of hubs, a regular truck and two 90 mm wheels, I’ll take the gamble.

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That would be awesome, please do let us know how they perform and pics of the internals.

Hi @JdogAwesome How’d you change the motor settings on your board? ps-I’m new to Esk8

I can tell lol I’m kidding we all have to start somewhere! Personally I’m using dual VESC’s to control my hub motors and they have an entire interface for programming your motor settings. There’s a ton about the VESC on these forums so keep reading any you’ll figure it out!

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Which one got hotter the v2 single or single maytech

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