Maytech NYC festival?

So as some of you may know I was at the nyc eboard and ebike festival, we had a great time and I brought my maxed out nextboard longboard (lhbngv) I was having MAJOR issues with the maytech remote that day, the signal was just completely terrible, at the event the remote wouldn’t keep it’s connection but for some reason if I walked on certain blocks it was just fine! Anyone know why that is ? Also what Is a better or best esk8 remote that will never have a bad connection no matter where you are? I couldn’t do to 7pm night ride to show off the board because of this issue.

I’m in Cali, but from what I heard it’s these new security cameras that they installed on the traffic lights. The signal interferes with the remotes

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GT2-B or a mini remote seem like the cost effective go-to

I’m using a GT2-B mod (or stock).


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That’s what I have been hearing as well, at all the lights the remote shuts down

As you’ll read… The gt was solid a few weeks then started getting spotty… I may buy another to test the reciever vs transmitter to see if that was the issue but the mini has been solid the last week ive been testing it.


Ill look into the mini

The entire 4,500km2 island I live on has one crosswalk out the front of the school & no stoplights or roundabouts. 3rd world problems for me, 1st world for you!

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Could also be all the people using similar remotes could have caused interference or some electro from the buildings. I had forgotten all about this I saw posts about it and wanted to make it up there but forgot about it.