Maytech R2 style remote first impressions

Thanks for the hookup @hyperIon1!!! I usually prefer to use my thumb, but i love this remote! I only took a quick test ride last night, but so far it’s my new favorite. The triggers have great resistance, I like the size and weight of it, and it hasnt cut out… yet :crossed_fingers:t3: All things considered, I may get another remote… definitely at least another receiver


:disappointed_relieved: i really wanted one lol Had to pick motors (6880) or remote. Glad to hear you like it right away. Gonna have to find a way to get my hands on one.


sure you’ll manage lol


It would be really interesting to have a version with vesc telemetry… :slight_smile: @hyperIon1 any chance that’s going to happen in the near future? :slight_smile:

We’ll see. My resources have become limited. Might have to sell a few things to keep the bills paid actually…


Does the new Maytech have a lanyard? Bonus points for a few pictures :slight_smile:

@Bobby you’re killing us here. We need feedback!

Sorry @venom121212, ive had little time with all the shitty rain in SD, work and coaching baseball. I did take it on a group ride this past Saturday and it had 0 interruptions and zero cutouts. Brakes worked everytime. I did experience a little loss in power if I slammed the throttle too fast but im almost sure its because of my speed controllers settings and the shitty diyeboard battery… other than that, the throttle feels great, and its a perfect fit in the hand… i plan on getting more rceivers to pair this remote to several different boards. Wireless charging works great as well! Once you pair it up and calibrate the first time, it really works effortlessly. You turn on your board and the remote and it’s ready to roll. My only gripe is the lack of features on the screen. It only displays battery life and throttle %. Adding more kinds of telemetry like mph,wh, vlltage and so on would be nice. Maybe some kind of Bluetooth functionality with a module… but I digress, i love a thumb trigger remote, but this dual trigger remote has become my favorite. Thanks for the hookup @hyperIon1. Cant wait for my 6880s to come in !!!

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No esk8 lanyard. It comes with a giant orange floatation device/wristrap lanyard for the surfing function but it looks silly if you’re not in water

I believe its meant to float (bulky orange lanyard). I’m going to ask them to include a regular lanyard instead of the floaty one in the next order.

It definitely is a floaty. Looks like a life vest strapped to a lanyard. Im not sure because im at work but i think the floaty may be removable. Then again it mag be sewn on

A pic of the lanyard…imageimage


Got one! When I hook up the remote there is a long red wire. That connects to the main battery plus wire?

You can always sell your surfrodz haha. Just hook on the street corner

Id pick him up! I like em thicc!!!

I wanted to ask if you still haven’t had any cut outs? I recently got this remote too and 4 receivers for all my boards. So far I freaking love it, so precise.

I ride in NYC everyday and I have noticed in some areas I’ll see the remote connection signal drop to no bars but I’ll still have a connection and it responds to inputs. So to be clear I’ve had no full drops, but the signal thing sketches me out a little.

Honestly i had none. I lost the remote somewhere in my house a week ago so ive been using a Nano-x mod but WHEN i find it I plan on using it lol. TBH i never really looked at the signal bar when i rode tho

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I’ll add on here as I’ve been using this remote for about a week now.

I love it. Initial calibration was confusing til I found documentation. The feel is ergonomically pleasing. The amount of throw for both throttle and brake give for a ton of control. Wirelessly charging it is cool. I keep a charge pad in my garage where I charge. No dropouts or issues so far. I also like that it has a notch for a wrist strap.

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have you experienced the no bars on the read out but still have connection thing, I mentioned above?

I haven’t had drops in areas of NYC that are known for drops (see steeze maytech and boosted v1 remote). However, that’s only my limited experience.

I haven’t noticed that issue at all. I only ride in neighborhood or large park areas, never intersections just for reference.