Maytech remote, can someone ID this connector?

Ive got a Maytech remote I got a while back. It died on me yesterday so I took it apart today. The positive lead from the lipo battery has pulled loose from the connector. Can someone ID this connector for me?


I want to get a replacement and resolder the battery side and get this thing running again.


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It looks like a 2 pin JST connector



Yep, but what size? It’s tiny.

Looks just like the ones on my (toy grade) quadcopters batteries. Like the ones used by Hubsan or Syma. Maybe their manuals will identify it properly?


I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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You could just get a new (bigger) battery with the connector already installed!? I think all lipo’s of that size come with the same connector.


There’s not a lot of room in the enclosure but I’ll do some measuring and see.

What about soldering the battery right to the board?

I’d rather not. If I didn’t have other remotes I would, but I’d rather have it stock.


Do you have any pins? You could repin the existing connector.

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Do you have a vernier calipers to measure the distance between the 2 holes of the connextor?

I may do that if I can’t figure this out.

I have standard calipers, but none that will measure that small.

U try using a ruler. From the center of 1 hole to another. U can roughly gauge the distance. I should b able to tell you the specific jst connector with the rough sizing. It is either 1mm/2mm/2.54mm

It’s not a 2, so like it’s a 1mm. I’ll measure it when I get back to the shop… Had a chance to go ride so I took it :grinning:

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Sorry to go offtopic but do these maytech remotes have a super long distance connection range like the finger trigger mini remote (pictured) does?rBVaEFb4zXiAQOrsAAJ0lsrCxMc778

It’s pretty long. I’ve gor 4 and have never had an issue until now.

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Thanks man, i already have the mini remote but im just trying to decide if its worth switching to the meytechs since its rechargeable .

@mmaner if it’s a 1.25mm, I got you covered. Can send on Monday, just let me know.



Hell yeah dude, you rock. I appreciate it.

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