Maytech Sensored Hub Motor

I just noticed that Maytech is selling sensored hub motors on AliExpress. Has anyone tried these yet and what do you think about the specs

Maytech remote control longboard motor 90x55mm electric wheel motor

Size 90*55mm Voltage 24-36V Max Amps 22A Max. Output Watt 800W Resistance 0.557‐0.577

Details: KV: 60 Idle Current: 0.4A Max. Current: 22A Input Volt.: 24V‐36V Max. Output Watt: 800W RPM: 2100 Motor Weight: 750g Motor w/wheel dimension: Φ90x55mm Internal Resistance: 0.557‐0.577 Hole Size: M8 With Hall Sensor

Here is a link to their listing if you need more info. Maytech Hub Motor


They look like the raptor 2 hubs, they have the mounting for the precision trucks. I thought they were made in the USA? They look like the updated pictures Jason posted.

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Dimension are not the same, and without the wright truck you probably won’t be able to fix them to a skateboard… there no set screw.

I’ve reviewed this product before, check the post “Chinese Hub Motor”


Looks like they sell the trucks as well.

Look what I found on AliExpress

Link? 10 char

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These hub motors are not very good, in my testing jacobs outperform them on nearly every level.

  • the magnets are very thin & they are not custom made so there are lots of gaps & angled magnets.
  • the motor barrel is too thin & prone to warping. flux leakage.
  • the end caps are aluminum & very thin/soft.
  • the urethane doesn’t have any teeth that mesh with the barrel. it’s an interference fit.

from all my testing of china hub motors i couldn’t find one that i was happy with, that is why we designed our new R-SPEC GHOST from the ground up so we can address all the problems.

this is how they hold the urethane onto the motor.


Are you sure these are the same. I thought of your post but may tech says they are new

Yikes. That does not look good. Thanks for the info. I hope you decide to sell your hubs and trucks at some point soon.

I have two Maytech hub motors along with trucks as sample order coming in directly from Maytech. Should arrive in 1-2 weeks. I can give you my impressions when they arrive, though I don’t have as much knowledge of hub motors as @onloop, @Hummie, @jacobbloy.

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Do you know if you can use these hubs on any Trucks or do you have to use their trucks with these hubs.

With a fair bit of modification they should go on

My end game is to get sensored hubs on a set of avenue trucks, not sure if I can get these on there. That would be stealthy riding in clouds. A dream come true.

Yea these Hun motors look like they have a square hole on inside to stop the spinning around. If you look further up I linked the trucks take a look at them would be a bit of work to get them to work but should work.

I saw, looks like a good amount of the hangar is milled down as well . Might have to wait till Avenue makes longboard trucks . I have a pair of their 9.5 inch trucks currently and am working on mounting a regular motor on them like @Bender did, but hubs would be even better for those trucks. Either way I think I’m going to wait and see how @rwxr likes them once he gets them. What onloop said about these hubs and those pictures he posted is concerning.

I’m sure a set of modified Jacob hub would be best and sure could find a cheap set somewhere

Only thing is Jacobs hubs don’t have sensors. I need to have sensors, where I live there is a ton of start and stop and need smooth start from stand still.

Can put your own sensors on motors just fine some that fit

I’m contemplating that. Need to do some research.

Hi, I’m also very keen on using/trying Avenue trucks for longboards. So far I have heard that the current Avenues are made for skateboarding not longboarding, altho Avenue has been designing longboard ones for some months now. r/longboarding doesn’t seem to like them at all.
I for one like the design, as it resists twisting, but same time has full-axle suspension - for increasing the time of impact in case of shock to the wheels. To save the hub motors. Do you think they’d work little better than normal trucks? Thanks!